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Carlos is a low level drug distributor/enforcer for Tuco Salamanca's Crew, which is part of the Cartel.


Season 3[]

Carlos meets with Nacho at El Michoacáno to deliver his earnings from the week. ("Slip")

Carlos, Arturo and Nacho ensure the safety of Hector during his meeting with Gus and Juan Bolsa during which Hector suffers a stroke. ("Lantern")

Season 5[]

At Nacho's House, Carlos plays poker with Nacho, Lalo, Blingy, and Krazy-8. When Krazy-8 is arrested, Carlos and the other Salamanca dealers meet at El Michoacáno for Lalo's decision if they are to continue selling. Lalo lets Nacho make that decision and he lets them continue. ("50% Off")


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