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The caregiver is an employee of Casa Tranquila. She interpreted Hector Salamanca's bell ringing by getting him to select a row and then a character from a chart of letters and numbers.


Season 4[]

After Walter White has gotten Hector to agree to his plan to kill Gustavo Fring, Hector asks the Caregiver for the DEA by spelling out "Need DEA".

When at the DEA office, Hector demanded to speak with Hank Schrader. Once Hank arrived, Hector spelled out "S-U-C-K-M-Y" and "F-U-C-" before Hank called the meeting off and sent Hector back to the nursing home. The Caregiver apologized profusely for Hector's behavior.

She then runs to Hectors room and appears horrified when seeing Gus Fring walk out with half of his face blown off after Hector sets off a bomb that kills them both along with Tyrus Kitt ("Face Off")


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