Canoncito Gas is a gas station outside Albuquerque within the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation.


Season 5

On returning to New Mexico for the first time since escaping to New Hampshire, Walter White pulls in to the gas station to refuel. He used a pay phone and posed as a journalist from the New York Times to obtain the Schwartzes' new address. He also learned that they were getting back home that night from New York. After hanging up, Walt left his watch on top of the phone and drove off ("Felina").



  • Filming of the gas station took place at the real Canoncito Gas Station located on the Canoncito School Road, Laguna, NM 87026 around 3.5 miles off the I-40.
  • There was one further scene set at the gas station which was cut from the script for budget and time reasons. It was to take place after Walt made the call. In it, a former student of Walt would recognize him, Walt would then have paid him off and threatened him to make sure he didn't rat him out. Before leaving the former student, Walt would ask, "What kind of teacher was I?" The former student would reply, "You were good" and then say he remembered the time Walt sprayed different chemicals at a flame and it made different colors ("Pilot").

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