Now understand this: After I walk out here, I never wanna see you again. Never. This cartel shit is too hot for me. You got it?
― Caldera to Nacho after he treated him for his gunshot wounds.[src]

Dr. Caldera is a veterinarian who helps find criminal jobs and references, including Mike Ehrmantraut.


Season 1

With a bullet wound in his shoulder, Mike relies on a streetwise taxi driver to help him find someone who can stitch it up without asking any questions, which leads him to Caldera. After offering him different types of pain killers, Caldera offers to help Mike find work. Mike declines, having put his dark days behind him. ("Five-O")

Mike visits Caldera once again, and has him examine a shelter dog he adopted. While there for the dog's examination, Mike asks the vet whether he still has the "work" available to which he previously alluded. ("RICO")

Season 2

Mike visits Caldera for the third time to inquire about additional work. Caldera offers him a low-paying bodyguard job, but Mike requires more money. “You want next-level pay? You’ve got to do next-level work,” Caldera responds, mentioning that he knows a loan shark in need of an enforcer. Mike refuses to do any work requiring him to break legs, and settles for the bodyguard job instead. Later, Caldera calls Mike and offers him a “next-level” job from a guy specifically requesting Mike. ("Amarillo")

Season 3

After finding out he is being followed, Mike has Caldera meet him in a secret location in the middle of the night to help him find a tracking device of his own. He charges Mike double for the "after hours house call", and asks about whether or not his dog is being cared for properly. ("Mabel")

Jimmy brings a cheap goldfish in a bag as a cover to see Caldera, who chastises Jimmy for not having enough oxygen in the bag. Jimmy asks Caldera for his assistance in finding a professional pickpocket, and they eventually settle on Huell Babineaux. ("Chicanery")

Season 4

At Caldera's office while looking for someone to steal a valuable Hummel figurine from Neff Copiers, a frustrated Jimmy waits for Caldera to finish a cell phone call in an adjacent room. Jimmy barges into the room and Caldera tells him that his contact is not interested in the job. Despite Caldera's protests, Jimmy breaks protocol by taking the phone and talking to the contact directly, managing to set up a meeting. He leaves Caldera's office with his goldfish and passes Leonel as he walks out the door.

The Cousins enlist Caldera into stitching up a delirious Nacho, driving both of them to an undisclosed location. After the procedure, Nacho wakes up to find that Caldera has set up a blood transfusion between him and Marco. Caldera informs Nacho that he had to leave the bullet in his shoulder, advises him to visit doctors with imaging equipment, and gives him instructions on properly healing his injuries. He further tells Nacho that he never wants to see him again, as he doesn't want to get caught up in the business of the cartel. ("Something Beautiful")

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