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CC Mobile is a retail chain located in Albuquerque, specializing in cell phones. Jimmy McGill worked at their uptown location while his law license was suspended.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

After the death of his brother Chuck, Jimmy began looking for jobs he could perform while waiting for his law license to be reinstated. One of the employers he approached was CC Mobile, whose manager, Robbie Finn, phoned Jimmy back with the offer of a position of shift supervisor at their uptown location. Jimmy initially turned down the job, but after lying to Kim Wexler that he had in fact taken the job, he called Robbie back and told him he has reconsidered.

On his first day on the job, Jimmy quickly became bored when the store didn't get any foot traffic. Eventually, Jimmy drove away from his job and met with Ira, getting his cut of the proceeds from selling a stolen valuable Hummel figurine. When Ira asked Jimmy to contact him through Caldera with a new phone the next time he had a job -- saying, "You never know who's listening" -- Jimmy became struck by inspiration. He drove back to the store and painted the message "IS THE MAN LISTENING? PRIVACY SOLD HERE" on the storefront windows. ("Talk")

Jimmy's sign managed to attract one customer, the owner of a contracting business who is keen to avoid the IRS. He sold a large stack of disposable "burner" phones to the customer, telling him his communications couldn't be monitored or tracked on the devices. After falsifying sales receipts, Jimmy proceeded to take the store's stock of burner phones and sold them to criminals and ne'er-do-wells at the Dog House. ("Quite a Ride")

Throughout the next several months, Jimmy continues to work at CC Mobile while still performing his side business. During the Fourth of July, the store has an Independence Day Sale. ("Something Stupid")

Season 5[]

After getting his law license reinstated, Jimmy quits CC Mobile and sells out his remaining burner phones. ("Magic Man")

Breaking Bad[]

El Camino[]

When Jesse Pinkman is trying to find the channel on which his parents are being interviewed, an advertisement for CC Mobile plays for a brief moment. ("El Camino")


  • The font used for CC Mobile’s logo is Calibri, developed between 2003-2005 but not released until 2007. The store’s first appearance chronologically is around spring 2003, when the font had only recently entered development and was nowhere near release.
  • Like Los Pollos Hermanos, CC Mobile is a fictional chain.