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Buddy is a resident of Omaha, Nebraska and a friend of Jeff.

Buddy accompanies Jeff to the mall when Jeff approaches Jimmy McGill under his "Gene Takavic" alias and has him admit his true identity as Saul Goodman. Jimmy later offers to get Jeff into "the game" by training him and Buddy in robbing a department store at the mall where Jimmy works. Buddy sneaks Jeff into the mall by having him lay in a shipping container and transporting it into the department store's loading dock. Jimmy convinces the store's supervisor over the phone to hold the container overnight, allowing Jeff to enter the store during after-hours and steal expensive merchandise. After the robbery is complete, Jimmy warns Jeff and Buddy to stay away from him lest he report the crime to the authorities.

Jimmy later re-enlists Jeff and Buddy in a new series of cons where Jimmy befriends wealthy single men at bars and gets them drunk, Jeff drives them home while giving them water laced with barbiturates, and Buddy breaks into the marks' homes while they are unconscious and photographs their IDs and financial records, which Jeff later sells to a broker. However, Buddy backs out of the con when their latest target is found to have pancreatic cancer, which Buddy's father suffered from. Jimmy cuts Buddy out of the operation and forces Jeff to drive him to the target's house so he can break in himself.


Background information[]

Buddy was likely a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico before he moved to Omaha where he befriended Jeff, who also lived in Albuquerque. Buddy also had a father who passed away from prostate cancer.

Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

He accompanies Jeff to the mall where Gene Takavic manages a Cinnabon store and intimidates Gene by quietly staring at him as Jeff, under the guise of an excited fan, pressures him to reveal his identity as the Albuquerque celebrity and wanted criminal Saul Goodman by saying his catchphrase, "Better call Saul". Gene, afraid they plan to blackmail him or turn him in to the authorities for reward money, is visibly uncomfortable by his presence, but Jeff assures him that his friend just wanted to come along. After Gene reluctantly gives in, Jeff introduces himself and asks to call him any time he needs a free taxi ride before the duo leaves. ("Magic Man")

Season 6[]

When Jeff agrees to rob the Cottonwood Mall's luxury clothing store with Gene, Buddy also takes part in the heist, impersonating a delivery truck driver in order to smuggle a crate with Jeff inside it into the mall next to Kathy's department store. The morning after the heist he comes back to pick up the stolen loot. ("Nippy") Later, he also participates in another one of Gene's schemes which is targeted at rich single men, which Gene "befriends", causes them to get drunk and order Jeff's cab, Jeff them drives them home, gives them a bottle of water mixed with a drug, and sticks a piece of tape on the doorframe, allowing Buddy to come in, and take photos of the victim's personal documents, which they later sell. Buddy refuses to rob the last target, a man with cancer, which causes Gene to "fire" Buddy and go finish the job himself. ("Breaking Bad")

When Saul is arrested, no mention is made of his crimes from Omaha so it's unclear what happened to Buddy and Jeff afterwards. ("Saul Gone")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • He has a dog named Zeke.
  • He and Jeff are the last characters shown on-screen to have entered "the game".
  • He drives a 1990 Ford F-150.