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This Breaking Bad Unreleased Score page features music composed by Dave Porter for Breaking Bad that has not been officially released, and versions of previously released tracks that have been altered for the airing of the episodes. Most of these tracks do not have official names, and include some sound effects and dialogue that are impossible to remove.

Season 1[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Tighty Walter-Whities 1:36 "Pilot" After crashing the RV into a ditch, Walt gets a gun in hand, ready to fight off the oncoming police. [1]
2 Three Weeks Earlier 0:39 "Pilot" Walt exercises. [2]
3 Blackout 0:36 "Pilot" While working his shift at the car wash, Walt collapses. [3]
4 Matches in the Pool 1:30 "Pilot" Walt slowly, hopelessly flicks lit matches into his pool. [4]
5 I Am Awake 0:52 "Pilot" Walt and Jesse arrange to buy an RV. [5]
6 Take Your Shot 1:16 "Pilot" Walt stands up for his son. [6]
7 Phosphine Gas 1:31 "Pilot" Emilio and Krazy-8 watch Walt cook. [7]
8 Twelve Hours Earlier 0:35 "Cat's in the Bag..." Walt and Jesse hire a tow truck driver to pull the RV out of the ditch. [8]
9 Cat's in the Bag 1:09 "Cat's in the Bag..." Walt and Jesse struggle to get the RV to start. [9]
10 Murder 0:59 "Cat's in the Bag..." Walt raids the chemistry supply closet for hydrofluoric acid. [10]
11 Missing 0:46 "Cat's in the Bag..." Krazy-8 escapes from the RV. [11]
12 The Bike Lock 1:37 "Cat's in the Bag..." Jesse finds a solution for keeping Krazy-8 from escaping. [12]
13 Coin Flip 0:46 "Cat's in the Bag..." Walt and Jesse flip a coin to see who will deal with which situation. [13]
14 The Krazy-8 Situation 1:10 "Cat's in the Bag..." Walt ends up serving Krazy-8 a sandwich and providing makeshift toiletries. [14]
15 The Body Situation 1:17 "Cat's in the Bag..." Jesse retrieves Emilio's body from the RV. [15]
16 Gray Matter (I) 3:23 "...and the Bag's in the River" While Walt and Jesse are cleaning up the mess from the previous episode, Walt's mind wanders to a flashback of Gretchen and a younger, more vibrant Walt. [16]
17 Smoking 0:52 "...and the Bag's in the River" Jesse sneaks into the bathroom to smoke meth. [17]
18 Bag of Meth 1:38 "...and the Bag's in the River" Walt confronts Jesse for telling Krazy-8 too much information about him. [18]
19 Murder Is Wrong 0:53 "...and the Bag's in the River" Walt makes a list of reasons why Krazy-8 should live and die. [19]
20 No Crust 0:48 "...and the Bag's in the River" Walt makes a sandwich for Krazy-8. [20]
21 The Missing Piece 1:38 "...and the Bag's in the River" Walt literally puts the pieces together and comes to a massive decision about the fate of Krazy-8. [21]
22 Gray Matter (II) 1:20 "...and the Bag's in the River" Walt resumes his flashback to discussing human chemistry with Gretchen. [22]
23 New Players in Town 0:43 "Cancer Man" Hank puts his DEA team on notice that "new players" are in town. [23]
24 Relief 0:22 "Cancer Man" Walt, Hank, Skyler, Marie, and Junior have a barbecue. [24]
25 Hallucinations 1:30 "Cancer Man" Jesse begins to hallucinate under the effects of the meth. [25]
26 Walt Bandages His Leg 1:01 "Cancer Man" Walt patches himself back together and realizes there is no going back. [26]
27 Sleep 1:05 "Cancer Man" Jesse crashes at his parents' house. [27]
28 You're All They Talk About 2:22 "Cancer Man" Jesse finds a chemistry paper from high school in his old room. [28]
29 Now Hiring 0:47 "Gray Matter" Jesse goes on a job hunt. [29]
30 Stranded 0:46 "Gray Matter" Jesse leaves Badger in the desert. [30]
31 Alone 2:49 "Gray Matter" Walt wakes up in his own bed. [31]
32 Chemotherapy 1:31 "Gray Matter" Walt goes to his first chemotherapy session. [32]
33 Dust 0:56 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt returns to the RV. [33]
34 No More Bloodshed 0:37 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" In a flashforward, Walt, now bald, walks away from an exploding building. [34]
35 Treatment 0:34 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt receives treatment at the cancer clinic. [35]
36 Change 0:33 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt teaches his class. [36]
37 Therapeutic 0:55 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt cooks in the RV. [37]
38 Finish the Batch 0:28 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt gives Jesse the responsibility to finish the batch. [38]
39 Money Up Front 0:23 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Tuco beats Jesse. [39]
40 Follicles 1:08 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt's cancer treatment begins to take its toll. [40]
41 Tease 0:56 "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Things get spicy between Walt and Skyler at the PTA meeting. [41]
42 Drug Meet 0:35 "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Walt and Jesse prepare for their first drug meet with Tuco. [42]
43 An Alternative Solution 0:39 "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Walt comes up with a plan to steal the methylamine themselves. [43]
44 Steal It Ourselves 0:55 "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Walt and Jesse pull off the methylamine heist. [44]

Season 2[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Look at That 1:23 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Tuco beats No-Doze. [45]
2 Frustrated 0:56 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Skyler tells Walt that while she understands his situation, he cannot take his anger out on her. [46]
3 Photographs 0:36 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Skyler looks at a photograph of her and her old boss, Ted Beneke. [47]
4 Crime Scene 0:28 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Hank sends Walt a picture from the crime scene, where Gonzo is now dead. [48]
5 He's Coming After Us Next 1:06 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Walt takes Jesse's gun and rushes to his house; Jesse takes his bag of money and prepares to leave town. [49]
6 Stashed 1:06 "Seven Thirty-Seven" Walt stashes his money and Jesse's gun into a box of diapers. [50]
7 Bullet Holes 1:24 "Grilled" Jesse's car is shot up. [51]
8 I Understand 0:53 "Grilled" Walt hallucinates Skyler. [52]
9 Piece of Filth (I) 1:25 "Grilled" Jesse shoots Tuco. [53]
10 Piece of Filth (II) 2:42 "Grilled" Hank encounters Tuco and a gunfight breaks out; Hank shoots Tuco in the head. [54]
11 Lost 1:11 "Bit by a Dead Bee" Walt and Jesse roam the desert. [55]
12 Pink Teddy (I) 0:52 "Down" A pink teddy bear floats in Walt's pool. [56]
13 Vent 1:05 "Down" Walt decides that the air conditioning vent of his baby's nursery would be a good place to stash cash. [57]
14 First Round 1:08 "Breakage" Walt completes his first round of chemotherapy. [58]
15 Treatment Bill 1:23 "Breakage" Walt pays off his bill using the vent money. [59]
16 Elevator Panic (I) 0:39 "Breakage" Hank begins to have a panic attack in the elevator over the shootout with Tuco. [60]
17 The Plan Is We Cook 1:14 "Breakage" Jesse meets up with Walt at the cook site. [61]
18 Get Got 1:05 "Peekaboo" Jesse prepares to enter Spooge's house. [62]
19 Intruder 0:58 "Peekaboo" Jesse breaks into the house. [63]
20 Victimless Crime 0:30 "Peekaboo" Spooge claims the ATM machine theft was a "victimless crime". [64]
21 Junkies 0:57 "Peekaboo" The junkies get the upper hand on Jesse. [65]
22 HOLA DEA 1:54 "Negro y Azul" Hank and the DEA agents find Tortuga's severed head on a tortoise that explodes. [66]
23 Elevator Panic (II) 0:39 Better Call Saul Hank suffers another panic attack in the elevator from the tortoise incident. [67]
24 Negotiating Tactic 0:38 Better Call Saul Walt and Jesse kidnap Saul. [68]
25 No Signal 0:39 "4 Days Out" Jesse tries to call Skinny Pete for help, but can't get a cell phone signal. [69]
26 Three Days Out (I) 1:00 "4 Days Out" Walt and Jesse take turns hand-cranking the generator. [70]
27 Three Days Out (II) 0:59 "4 Days Out" Walt begins to cough up blood. [71]
28 In Remission 0:50 "4 Days Out" Walt and his family receive news that his cancer is in remission and his tumor has shrunk by 80 percent. [72]
29 Pink Teddy (II) 1:37 "Over" The pink teddy bear is put into a container as two men in hazmat suits carry the container past Walt's Aztek—its windshield broken—and two body bags lying in the driveway of the White residence. [73]
30 Contemplating 0:52 "Over" Walt hesitates before calling Jesse to meet up. [74]
31 Hangover 0:54 "Over" Walt wakes up the morning after the party. [75]
32 Thinking It Over 1:40 "Mandala" Walt waits to meet with Saul's businessman. [76]
33 Baby's Coming (I) 3:05 "Mandala" Walt frantically tries to wake Jesse so that he can sell their product to Gus Fring while baby Holly's arrival is imminent. [77]
34 Baby's Coming (II) 1:34 "Phoenix" Walt arrives at the meet spot. [78]
35 One-Point-Two Million 0:59 "Phoenix" Walt arrives at his house with the cash. [79]
36 Daddy Did That 1:14 "Phoenix" Walt shows Holly the stash of money. [80]
37 737 Down Over Albuquerque 2:11 "ABQ" Two men in hazmat suits pick up the pink teddy bear and put it in a container. As they pass by, two more men are inspecting Walt's windshield-broken Aztek along with two bodies that lie next to it. The two men load up the evidence into a NTSB van and it drives off as helicopters sound, and two giant pillars of smoke rise in the distance. [81]
38 The Shooting Gallery 1:55 "ABQ" Walt arrives at The Shooting Gallery in search for Jesse. [82]
39 Jane's Apartment 0:57 "ABQ" Donald enters Jane's apartment. [83]
40 Pink Teddy (III) 0:54 "ABQ" Charter plane JM21 crashes into Wayfarer 515, causing a pink teddy bear to fall into Walt's pool. [84]

Season 3[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Breaking News 1:16 "No Más" Coverage of the Wayfarer 515 disaster dominates television news. [85]
2 The Sandwich 1:28 "No Más" Walt makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. [86]
3 The Cousins (II) 2:31 "No Más" Two men drive to a dilapidated desert farmhouse, where they exchange their suits for worn work clothes, as they deposit their car keys onto a goat's horn before leaving. [87]
4 Under Arrest 0:32 "Caballo Sin Nombre" Hank picks up Walt from the police station. [88]
5 The Cousins (III) 1:45 "Caballo Sin Nombre" The cousins visit Hector at a nursing home. [89]
6 Rock Bottom 0:56 "Caballo Sin Nombre" Walt wakes up surrounded by trash and popcorn. [90]
7 The Cousins (IV) 2:48 "Caballo Sin Nombre" The cousins enter the White residence. [91]
8 Tortuga 0:52 "I.F.T." The cousins kill Tortuga. [92]
9 The Cousins (V) 1:49 "I.F.T." The cousins, Hector, and Juan meet with Gus. [93]
10 Voicemail 1:02 "I.F.T." Jesse listens to Jane's voicemail. [94]
11 Hank's Anxiety 0:37 "I.F.T." Hank has an anxiety attack in the bathroom at the bar. [95]
12 The Final Voicemail 1:09 "I.F.T." Jesse listens to Jane's voice one last time. [96]
13 Ticking 1:12 "Green Light" Walt sits in silence. [97]
14 Four O'Clock 1:10 "Green Light" Skyler attempts to make small talk with a co-worker. [98]
15 Hank in Pursuit (I) 1:09 "Green Light" Before he leaves the gas station, Hank takes a look at the ATM. [99]
16 Your Half 1:26 "Green Light" Victor delivers Jesse's half of the money. [100]
17 Crawling on the RV 1:03 "Más" Hank crawls on top of an RV. [101]
18 At Peace 1:20 "Más" Walt holds Holly. [102]
19 Drug Money 1:06 "Más" Skyler looks through Walt's moneybag. [103]
20 Hank in Pursuit (II) 1:03 "Más" Hank visits Combo's room. [104]
21 The Cousins (VI) 2:15 "Sunset" While investigating the possible disappearance of an elderly woman, an officer gets killed by the cousins. [105]
22 Closing In 1:03 "Sunset" Hank calls Walt and starts to explain his theory that the RV is being used as a mobile meth lab. [106]
23 You Led Him Right to Us 0:48 "Sunset" Jesse arrives at the junkyard, along with Hank following after. [107]
24 Probable Cause 2:11 "Sunset" Hank attempts to open the RV until he is confronted by Old Joe. [108]
25 Domicile 1:25 "Sunset" Walt makes a tough call to get Hank away from the RV. [109]
26 The Phone Call 0:39 "Sunset" Hank rushes to the hospital and then gets a call from Marie, alive and well. [110]
27 Family Is All 2:05 "One Minute" Hector teaches his nephew a lesson about family; the cousins put a picture of Hank on the shrine. [111]
28 Hank in Pursuit (III) 1:23 "One Minute" Hank violently attacks Jesse at his house. [112]
29 One Minute 1:53 "One Minute" Hank receives a phone call from an anonymous person who warns him that two men are going to kill him in one minute. [113]
30 Finish Him 2:03 "One Minute" After taking Leonel out, Hank comes up behind Marco who, wearing a ballistic vest, gets protected from Hank's gunfire; Hank gets shot and gets a few moments to kill Marco when he decides to axe Hank; Hank shoots Marco in the head. [114]
31 Bruises 1:08 "I See You" Jesse prepares to leave the hospital. [115]
32 I See You 1:05 "I See You" Hank gets rushed into the hospital. [116]
33 Blood Donations 0:54 "I See You" The DEA officers donate blood for Hank. [117]
34 The Last Cousin 0:59 "I See You" Leonel notices Walt and crawls on the floor towards him. [118]
35 Bolsa 2:53 "I See You" Leonel is killed by Mike; Bolsa is killed by the Mexican Federales. [119]
36 I Got a Warning Call 1:28 "Kafkaesque" Hank tells Gomez, Walt, and Skyler that he received a phone call a minute before he was attacked by the cousins. [120]
37 90MPH 1:05 "Kafkaesque" Walt speeds down the road. [121]
38 Sitting in the Lot 0:26 "Fly" Walt sits in the parking lot. [122]
39 Lipstick 0:35 "Fly" Jesse smokes a cigarette in his car. [123]
40 Fly 0:21 "Fly" Jesse kills the fly. [124]
41 Combo's Corner (I) 1:31 "Abiquiú" Jesse buys meth from Tomás at the corner where Combo was shot. [125]
42 Plotting 1:46 "Half Measures" Jesse plots with Wendy to use ricin to kill the rival dealers. [126]
43 Tomás 0:57 "Half Measures" Jesse and Andrea find Tomás dead. [127]
44 Combo's Corner (II) 1:59 "Half Measures" Right before Jesse can shoot at the rival dealers, Walt runs one over with his Aztek, and shoots the other in the head. [128]
45 308 Negra Arroyo Lane 0:51 "Full Measure" A flashback to Walt and Skyler purchasing their family home. [129]
46 The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg's Theme) 1:03 "Full Measure" Walt dons his black hat and takes the long walk towards Gus for their meeting. [130]
47 No More Half Measures 3:58 "Full Measure" Walt gets the address of Gale and as he's leaving, is picked up by Victor to fix a "chemical leak" at the superlab. [131]
48 Full Measure 1:17 "Full Measure" Walt calls Jesse and orders him to execute Gale; Victor goes after Jesse. [132]

Season 4[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 6353 Juan Tabo Boulevard 3:37 "Box Cutter" Victor rushes to Gale's apartment then holds Jesse at gunpoint. [133]
2 Eyeball in the Drawer 1:43 "Box Cutter" Skyler searches Walt's apartment and finds the pink teddy bear's eyeball staring back at her. [134]
3 Box Cutter 3:57 "Box Cutter" Walt begins to explain himself to Gus. [135]
4 Cleaning Up 1:48 "Box Cutter" Walt, Jesse, and Mike clean up Gus' mess. [136]
5 The New Guy 2:25 "Thirty-Eight Snub" The new guy, Tyrus, enters the superlab to pick up the batch. Mike tells Walt that he is never going to see Gus again. [137]
6 Thirty-Eight Snub 2:06 "Thirty-Eight Snub" Walt goes to Gus' house. [138]
7 Watched 2:10 "Open House" Walt flips off Gus through the newly installed security camera. [139]
8 Bullet Points (I) 1:51 "Bullet Points" Mike hides in the back of a Los Pollos Hermanos truck. The truck gets attacked and Mike is shot at. [140]
9 Case Files 2:18 "Bullet Points" Walt looks through Gale's murder case files with Hank. [141]
10 Waiting for Gus 1:57 "Shotgun" Walt waits for Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos. [142]
11 Driving 2:16 "Shotgun" Walt busts into Gus' office and finds that he's not there; Mike drives Jesse to an unknown destination. [143]
12 Shotgun 1:35 "Shotgun" A man with a shotgun approaches Jesse. Jesse slams into another car and drives off. [144]
13 Bullet Points (II) 2:49 "Cornered" Another Los Pollos truck is ambushed, only this time the guards are locked in and suffocated from carbon monoxide fumes. [145]
14 Four Corners 2:10 "Cornered" Skyler visits the Four Corners monument. [146]
15 Tweakers 2:29 "Cornered" Jesse attempts to buy some blue meth but is held at gunpoint by a paranoid junkie. [147]
16 Coffee and Ricin 0:48 "Problem Dog" Jesse makes coffee and tries to decide to use the ricin. [148]
17 Blood for Blood 1:04 "Hermanos" Gus reveals to Hector what happened to his nephews and Juan Bolsa. [149]
18 Mutual Interest 1:13 "Hermanos" Walt rushes to the security camera and tells Gus that Hank will find nothing on him. [150]
19 Hermanos 2:11 "Hermanos" In a flashback, Hector kills Max. [151]
20 Bloody Glasses (I) 0:58 "Bug" In a flashforward, Walt picks up his bloody glasses. [152]
21 Suspicious Man 1:26 "Bug" Walt calls the cops on Tyrus for stalking Hank. [153]
22 Standing Ground 1:08 "Bug" Gus stands his ground. [154]
23 Bloody Glasses (II) 1:42 "Bug" Walt and Jesse get into a fistfight. [155]
24 Jesse in Mexico (I) 0:59 "Salud" Jesse, Gus, and Mike take flight to Mexico. [156]
25 Jesse in Mexico (II) 1:07 "Salud" Jesse, Gus, and Mike are taken to the lab. [157]
26 Salud (I) 2:19 "Salud" Gus, Mike, and Jesse escape from the Cartel. [158]
27 Salud (II) 1:46 "Crawl Space" Gus is rushed into the makeshift hospital. [159]
28 Car Accident 1:28 "Crawl Space" Walt misses the turn into the laundromat and deliberately crashes his car. [160]
29 Back to Work 1:07 "Crawl Space" Walt notices that someone was cooking in the lab while he was gone. [161]
30 End Times 2:10 "End Times" DEA agents arrive at the White residence as Walt and Skyler frantically pack their luggage. [162]
31 Waiting for the End 2:04 "End Times" The White and Schrader families anxiously wait out another threat to Hank's life. [163]
32 The Missing Cigarette 2:00 "End Times" Jesse finds out that the ricin cigarette is missing and rushes to tell Andrea that Brock might have been poisoned with it. [164]
33 Kill Me 5:07 "End Times" Jesse accuses Walt of poisoning Brock. [165]
34 Building a Bomb 1:16 "End Times" Walt constructs a bomb. [166]
35 Disarm 0:53 "Face Off" Walt disarms the bomb on Gus' car. [167]
36 Crawl Space (II) 1:08 "Face Off" Walt rushes back to the crawl space to get his money. [168]
37 Rat 0:44 "Face Off" Tyrus spies on Hector as he leaves the DEA office. [169]
38 Nursing Home 2:10 "Face Off" Tyrus scans Hector's room and Walt's cover is almost blown. [170]

Season 5A[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Lab Aftermath 1:47 "Live Free or Die" Hank and Gomez inspect the superlab. [171]
2 He's Dead 2:04 "Live Free or Die" Mike receives the news about Gus' death. Jesse intervenes to stop Mike from immediately killing Walt. [172]
3 Magnets 4:20 "Live Free or Die" Walt and Jesse destroy some incriminating evidence in a most ingenious way. [173]
4 Madrigal 2:38 "Madrigal" A Madrigal Electromotive executive grabs a nearby automatic defibrillator and electrocutes himself in the bathroom. [174]
5 I'm In 1:47 "Madrigal" Mike asks Lydia if she can get her hands on the methylamine and calls Walt to inform him that he's reconsidered, he's in. [175]
6 Pool Stunt 1:34 "Fifty-One" Skyler walks into the pool in a seeming attempt to drown herself. [176]
7 Clean Shave 1:08 "Fifty-One" Walt shaves his head. [177]
8 Bug 1:45 "Dead Freight" Walt places a bug in Hank's office. [178]
9 Dead Freight 13:11 "Dead Freight" Walt, Jesse, and Todd rob methylamine off a train. [179]
10 Everybody Wins 0:52 "Buyout" Mike finds the methylamine is gone and almost shoots Walt before Jesse talks him down. Walt proposes an idea where "everybody wins". [180]
11 Say My Name 0:59 "Say My Name" Walt, Jesse, and Mike drive out to the middle of the desert. [181]
12 The Home Stretch 1:35 "Say My Name" Mike disposes his guns. [182]
13 The Last Sight of Innocence 1:14 "Say My Name" Walt calls Mike to tell him that the police are coming for him. Mike takes one last look at his granddaughter before having to abandon her. [183]
14 Nobody Wins 1:35 "Say My Name" Walt shoots Mike. [184]
15 Dispenser 1:07 "Gliding Over All" Walt looks at the paper towel dispenser he punched. [185]
16 Five Million 1:15 "Gliding Over All" Walt leaves the five million for Jesse. [186]

Season 5B[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Hank's Anxiety (II) 1:25 "Blood Money" Hank has an anxiety attack while driving. [187]
2 Hank in Pursuit (IV) 1:09 "Blood Money" Hank compares the writing in Walt's book with Gale's writing. [188]
3 Tracker 1:14 "Blood Money" Walt finds a tracking device under his car. [189]
4 Blood Money 1:06 "Blood Money" Jesse throws his cash out the window. [190]
5 Phone Call Tension 1:47 "Buried" Walt tries to call Skyler but realizes she's already on the phone with Hank. [191]
6 You Have to Get Him 1:20 "Buried" Marie attempts to take Holly from Skyler. [192]
7 Welcome Back 0:41 "Buried" Hank returns to work. [193]
8 Dazed 0:24 "Confessions" Jesse dazes off in the interrogation room. [194]
9 Code Red 1:57 "Confessions" Saul confesses he had Huell lift the ricin cigarette for Walt. [195]
10 Gas Can Rage (I) 0:47 "Confessions" Jesse breaks into the White residence and pours gasoline all over the floor and furniture. [196]
11 Gas Can Rage (II) 2:01 "Rabid Dog" Hank stops Jesse from burning down the house and offers to work with him to bring down Walt. [197]
12 Fast and Painless 1:27 "To'hajiilee" Walt visits Andrea and Brock then calls Jack's men. [198]
13 End of the Line 2:52 "To'hajiilee" Walt calls Jack and tells him to bring his crew out to To'hajiilee, but calls it off once he sees Hank and Gomez with Jesse. [199]
14 Reap What You Sow 1:11 "Ozymandias" Walt lies on the ground helplessly as Jack's men take the barrels of money and bury Hank and Gomez. [200]
15 Chained Dog (I) 2:09 "Ozymandias" Jesse finds himself taken hostage and put to work. [201]
16 Raided 1:13 "Granite State" As Marie is driven home by two DEA agents, they find the Schrader residence raided. [202]
17 Chained Dog (II) 1:06 "Granite State" Todd convinces Jack to keep Jesse alive a little longer until they run out of methylamine. [203]
18 Masked Threat 2:43 "Granite State" A crew led by Todd threaten Skyler to not mention Lydia to the police. [204]
19 The Final Hat 1:52 "Granite State" Walt puts on his black hat for the final time, but his confidence and resolve are gone. [205]
20 Jesse's Escape 2:48 "Granite State" Jesse makes an attempt to escape from captivity but is caught. [206]
21 The Two Best Hitmen 2:09 "Felina" Walt hires "the two best hitmen west of the Mississippi" to threaten Gretchen and Elliot to give his kids all of his money. [207]
22 The Perfect Box 1:11 "Felina" Jesse daydreams of crafting a wooden box. [208]
23 Vengeance 1:48 "Felina" After the M60 shootout, Jesse strangles Todd to death and Walt kills Jack mid-sentence. [209]