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If you want to watch the entire Breaking Bad Universe in Chronological order, this list shows every episode of Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, a singular movie El Camino at specific timestamps to when they actually happened in the order they occured in (episode timestamps exclude streaming service intros or episode recaps).

A description is provided for scenes who act as flashbacks or flashforwards to their respective episodes.

to = Watch episodes in linear order.

Chronological Order

Series/Movie Episode Timestamp Year Description (flashbacks and flashforwards only)
Better Call Saul "Lantern" 0:00-1:00 1965 A teenage Chuck reads The Adventures of Mabel to a younger Jimmy.
"Inflatable" 0:00-5:17 1973 A young Jimmy is working at his father's store, when a con man shows up.
"Talk" 0:00-1:20 Early 1980s Mike is building a carport in his driveway, and his son Matt signs his name in the wet cement.
"Wexler v. Goodman" 0:00-3:00 1984 A teenaged Kim argues with her mother, who's driving under the influence.
"Axe and Grind" 0:00-4:33 A teenaged Kim is apprehended for attempting to shoplift, and rescued by her mother.
Breaking Bad "...and the Bag's in the River" 0:47-2:52, 45:25-46:00 1985 26-years-old graduate students Walt and Gretchen analyze the human body's chemical composition.
"One Minute" 0:00-3:15 1988 Hector Salamanca teaches his nephews a lesson.
"Hermanos" 34:34-45:41 1989 Gus Fring and Max Arciniega obtain a meeting with Eladio Vuente.
Better Call Saul "Hero" 0:00-6:25 1992 Jimmy and his friend Marco pull one of their scams.
"Nacho" 0:00-4:25 Chuck visits Jimmy, who is in jail facing charges.
"Marco" 0:00-3:33 Jimmy says goodbye to Marco before moving to Albuquerque with Chuck.
"Rebecca" 0:00-9:17 Chuck and his wife Rebecca have Jimmy over for dinner.
"Piñata" 0:00-5:18 1993 Jimmy and Kim are doing mail rounds at HHM, when Chuck shows up. Jimmy decides to become a lawyer.
Breaking Bad "Full Measure" 0:00-3:43 A realtor shows newly-wed Walt and Skyler a house.
Better Call Saul "RICO" 0:00-6:10 1998 Jimmy finds out he has passed the state bar exam.
"Winner" 0:00-7:23 A party is held at a karaoke bar celebrating Jimmy's new career.
"Klick" 0:00-5:05 1999 Jimmy and Chuck sit beside their dying mother in hospital.
"Sabrosito" 0:00-7:26 Don Eladio is presented the returns from Hector's as well as Gus' respective drug operations.
"Chicanery" 0:00-9:47 2001 Chuck tries to reconcile with Rebecca.
Breaking Bad "Felina" 18:35-19:39 Jesse is finishing a wooden box for a woodworking class in high school.
Better Call Saul "Five-O" 24:34-35:16 2002 Mike confronts Troy Hoffman and Jack Fensky,
0:00-12:21 Mike arrives by train in Albuquerque.
"Saul Gone" 55:39-59:13 Jimmy delivers groceries to Chuck's house.
"Uno" 6:00-51:04
"Mijo" 0:00-5:15
"Uno" 51:04-END
"Mijo" 5:15-END
"Nacho" 4:25-END
"Hero" 6:25-END
"Alpine Shepherd Boy" FULL EPISODE
"Five-O" 12:21-24:34
"RICO" 6:10-END
"Marco" 3:33-30:00
"Slip" 0:00-5:14 Jimmy and Marco enter the McGill family's abandoned store.
"Marco" 30:00-47:08
"Switch" 5:35-8:33
"Marco" 47:08-END
"Switch" 8:33-END
"Cobbler" to "Amarillo" FULL EPISODE
"Gloves Off" 2:00-END, 0:00-2:00
"Rebecca" 9:17-END
"Inflatable" 5:17-END
"Klick" 5:05-END
"Mabel" 5:38-END
"Sunk Costs" 1:53-END
"Sabrosito" 7:26-END
"Chicanery" 9:47-END 2003
"Off Brand" to "Expenses" FULL EPISODE
"Slip" 5:14-END
"Lantern" 1:00-END
"Smoke" 8:15-END
"Breathe" to "Something Beautiful" FULL EPISODE
"Talk" 1:20-END
"Quite a Ride" 4:10-END
"Piñata" 5:18-END
"Something Stupid" FULL EPISODE 2003-2004
"Coushatta" 2004
"Wiedersehen" 0:00-14:55, 26:33-39:54, 41:56-50:08
"Winner" 9:13-11:33, 18:56-22:23
"Wiedersehen" 14:55-26:33, 39:54-41:56, 50:08-END
"Winner" 7:43-9:13, 11:33-18:56, 22:22-26:22, 33:19-38:32, 26:22-33:19, 38:32-END
"Magic Man" 12:56-END
"Black and Blue" 0:00-2:49
"50% Off" to "The Guy For This" FULL EPISODE
"Namaste" 3:04-40:24, 0:00-3:04, 40:24-END
"Dedicado a Max" FULL EPISODE
"Wexler v. Goodman" 3:00-END
"JMM" to "Bagman" FULL EPISODE
"Bad Choice Road" 0:00-2:46
"Saul Gone" 0:00-4:58 During their trek in the desert, Jimmy and Mike come across a cistern full of water.
"Bad Choice Road" 2:46-END
"Something Unforgivable" FULL EPISODE
"Wine and Roses" 5:12-END
"Carrot and Stick" FULL EPISODE
"Rock and Hard Place" 2:00-END
"Hit and Run" FULL EPISODE
"Black and Blue" 2:49-END
"Axe and Grind" 4:33-END
"Plan and Execution" FULL EPISODE
"Point and Shoot" 1:54-END
"Fun and Games" 0:00-6:36
"Point and Shoot" 0:00-1:54
"Fun and Games" 6:36-49:52
"Waterworks" 0:00-2:31 Jimmy and Kim divorce.
"Fun and Games" 49:52-END 2005 Jimmy has completely embraced his Saul Goodman persona.
"Sunk Costs" 0:00-1:53 2005-2008
Breaking Bad "Pilot" 3:47-13:30 2008
"Felina" 21:05-21:15
"Pilot" 13:30-37:11
"Más" 0:00-6:02 Jesse is tasked by Walt with buying an used RV to use as their mobile meth lab.
"Pilot" 37:11-42:42
"Ozymandias" 0:00-4:50 During the duo's first cook in the desert, Walt calls Skyler.
"Pilot" 42:42-51:52, 0:00-3:47, 51:52-55:08
"Cat's in the Bag..." 1:13-5:14
"Pilot" 55:08-END
"Cat's in the Bag..." FULL EPISODE
"...and the Bag's in the River" 2:52-END
"Cancer Man" to "Gray Matter" FULL EPISODE
"Crazy Handful of Nothin'" 0:00-1:01, 1:05-1:08, 1:18-1:38, 1:53-46:08, 1:01-1:05, 1:08-1:18, 1:38-1:53, 46:08-END
"A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" FULL EPISODE
"Seven Thirty-Seven" 1:17-END
"Grilled" 1:17-46:00, 0:00-1:17, 46:00-END
"Bit by a Dead Bee" FULL EPISODE
"Down" 1:14-END
"Breakage" 1:13-END
"Negro y Azul" 0:00-29:12
"I.F.T." 0:00-4:02 Tortuga receives a birthday present from Juan Bolsa.
"Negro y Azul" 29:12-END
"Better Call Saul" 0:00-30:15
Better Call Saul "Breaking Bad" 0:00-1:20 Saul is taken to the desert by Walt and Jesse.
Breaking Bad "Better Call Saul" 30:28-34:37
Better Call Saul "Breaking Bad" 31:59-37:26 Saul talks with Walt and Jesse in the RV.
Breaking Bad "Better Call Saul" 34:37-43:56
Better Call Saul "Breaking Bad" 45:54-50:36, 55:27-56:05 Mike updates Saul on several ongoing cases the two are handling. Saul enters J. P. Wynne High School to meet with Walt.
Breaking Bad "Better Call Saul" 43:56-END
"4 Days Out" 0:00-40:43
El Camino N/A 1:43:17-1:49:43 Jesse and Walt have breakfast at a motel after their four-days-long cooking session.
Breaking Bad "4 Days Out" 40:43-END
"Abiquiú" 0:00-3:36 Jesse and Jane visit the Georgia O'Keeffe museum.
El Camino N/A 1:54:39-1:55:26 Jesse and Jane discuss her philosophy of "going where the universe takes you", which she now disavows.
Breaking Bad "Over" 1:15-END
"Mandala" to "Phoenix" FULL EPISODE 2009
"ABQ" 2:31-35:20
"Box Cutter" 0:00-4:30 Gale unpacks new lab equipment in the superlab, when Gus arrives.
"ABQ" 35:20-END
"Seven Thirty-Seven" 0:00-1:17 Debris from the Wayfarer 515 air disaster falls over the White residence.
"Down" 0:00-1:14
"Over" 0:00-1:15
"ABQ" 0:00-2:31
"No Más" to "Caballo Sin Nombre" FULL EPISODE
"I.F.T." 4:02-END
"Green Light" FULL EPISODE
"Más" 6:02-END
"One Minute" 3:15-END
"I See You" 0:00-42:57
"Hermanos" 0:00-3:00 Gus informs Hector of the Cousins' fate.
"I See You" 42:57-END
"Kafkaesque" to "Fly" FULL EPISODE
"Abiquiu" 3:36-END
"Half Measures" FULL EPISODE
"Full Measure" 3:43-END
"Box Cutter" 4:30-END
"Thirty-Eight Snub" to "Open House" FULL EPISODE
"Bullet Points" 0:00-23:16
"Gliding Over All" 46:16-46:32
"Bullet Points" 23:16-END
"Shotgun" to "Problem Dog" FULL EPISODE
"Hermanos" 3:00-34:34
"Bug" to "Fifty-One" FULL EPISODE
"Dead Freight" 2:17-33:39, 0:00-2:17, 33:39-END
"Buyout" 0:00-19:44
El Camino N/A 0:00-2:33 Jesse and Mike discuss their plans after retirement.
Breaking Bad "Buyout" 19:44-END
"Gliding Over All" 0:00-46:16, 46:32-END 2009-2010
"Blood Money" FULL EPISODE 2010
"Buried" 2:53-END
"Confessions" FULL EPISODE
"Rabid Dog" 21:12-24:34, 0:00-3:58, 24:34-29:33, 4:16-21:12, 29:33-END
"To'hajiilee" FULL EPISODE
"Ozymandias" 4:50-END
Better Call Saul "Quite a Ride" 0:00-4:10 Shortly after the fall of Heisenberg, Saul makes arrangements for his extraction.
Breaking Bad "Granite State" 0:00-7:31 Saul arrives at Ed the extractor's place, where both he and Walt will be staying as they await for their transportation.
Better Call Saul "Saul Gone" 26:57-34:29 While waiting in Ed's basement, Saul and Walt discuss regrets.
Breaking Bad "Granite State" 7:31-28:10
Better Call Saul "Wine and Roses" 0:00-5:12 Saul's House is repossessed.
Breaking Bad "Granite State" 28:10-34:52
El Camino N/A 1:29:23-1:33:03 Neil and Kenny plays with Jesse.
20:01-27:37 Todd and Jesse hides Sonia's body.
Breaking Bad "Granite State" 34:52-END
"Felina" 0:00-18:35, 19:39-19:56
"Live Free or Die" 0:00-4:23
"Blood Money" 0:00-3:43
"Felina" 19:56-21:05, 21:15-END
El Camino N/A 2:33-10:33
Better Call Saul "Uno" 0:00-6:00 Saul's life as Gene Takavic in Omaha.
"Switch" 0:00-5:35
"Mabel" 0:00-5:38
"Smoke" 0:00-8:15
"Magic Man" 0:00-12:56
"Waterworks" 2:31-10:45 Kim's life in Titusville.
"Breaking Bad" 1:20-14:57 As previously agreed, Francesca receives a phone call from Saul.
"Waterworks" 10:45-14:27
"Breaking Bad" 14:57-15:14
"Waterworks" 14:27-16:07 Kim receives a phone call from Saul.
"Breaking Bad" 15:14-31:59
37:26 - 45:54
50:36 - END
"Waterworks" 16:07-38:18, 45:41-END
"Saul Gone" 4:58-26:57
34:29 - 55:39
59:13 - END
Breaking Bad "Breakage" 0:00-1:13 2010 and after
Better Call Saul "Rock and Hard Place" 0:00-2:00 A piece of glass is lying right in front of a blue flower, under the rain.