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This article is about the timeline of Breaking Bad episodes. For the timeline of Better Call Saul episodes, see Better Call Saul Timeline. For the complete chronology of the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, see Timeline.

The following is a timeline of Breaking Bad that estimates the exact dates when the episodes in each season occurred. The days in which the episodes occurred are completely estimated and include downtime between the episodes as well.

Season 1[]

1x01 - Veggie Bacon

Walt's 50th birthday in "Pilot"

Season 2[]

  • "Seven Thirty-Seven" - October 31 - November 7, 2008 (seven days)
  • "Grilled" - November 8, 2008 (one day)
  • "Bit by a Dead Bee" - November 8–11, 2008 (four days)
  • "Down" - November 12–17, 2008 (six days)
  • "Breakage" - November 18–29, 2008 (twelve days)
  • "Peekaboo" - November 30, 2008 (one day)
  • "Negro y Azul" - December 1–2, 2008 (two days)
  • "Better Call Saul" - December 3–5, 2008 (three days)
  • "4 Days Out" - December 6–12, 2008 (seven days)
  • "Over" - December 13–18, 2008 (six days)
  • "Mandala" - February 4–16, 2009 (thirteen days)
  • "Phoenix" - February 16 - March 4, 2009 (three weeks)
  • "ABQ" – March 4 – April 5, 2009 (one month)

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5A[]


Walt's 51st birthday in "Fifty-One"

Season 5B[]

5x1 bacon 52

Walt's 52nd birthday in "Live Free or Die", also seen in "Felina"

Time References[]

  • A statement made by Vince Gilligan that Better Call Saul takes place "in 2002, 6 years before Saul meets Walter White." This would place the pilot episode of Breaking Bad on September 7, 2008, which is Walter White's 50th birthday.
  • Walter White's cancer surgery is booked from four weeks because of his wife Skyler White's due date being on the 21st. Three days later, Skyler says her c-section schedule falls on the "Friday the 13th" next week, December 2008 doesn't fall on that date but February, March, November of 2009 does. Later, it is mentioned that Holly White's birth is expected on the 16th. Since Combo was killed off this episode, Hank Schrader mentioned his death took place "last month" in "ABQ"; the episode prior has Donald Margolis tells Walter his daughter Jane Margolis is turning 26 "next month." When she died, Donald tells the medical investigators that her birthday is on "April 4th, 1982", so the final 2 episodes of Season 2 took place around March. ("Mandala",  "Phoenix",  "ABQ")
  • When mistaking the Los Pollos Hermanos manager Cynthia as Gustavo Fring, who is the owner of the restaurant, Walter said to the manager he met Gus "last week." ("Mandala")
  • After Walter's surgery succeeded, Skyler says Holly is turning "7 weeks tomorrow" since her birth. This means that the episode is set in April. ("ABQ")
    • The following episode supports this knowledge through news reporters stating that Donald was absent from his job for 5 weeks due to his daughter's death a month prior, which still make sense in terms of context that he could be absent on the initial day when he tried to call Jane for their everyday visit to rehabilitation in the morning only to find out she died. ("No Más")
  • When Skyler is reading a news article reporting the explosion of Casa Tranquila that prominently killed Gus, it is said that it took place last week. ("Live Free or Die")
  • While Jesse watches a news report on the disappearance of Drew Sharp, the reporter stated the police expanded their search on the boy after 4 days with no leads following Thursday morning. Since the last episode presented Walter's 51st birthday and couple of days would pass following this, Drew's sudden death should take place on September 17th which is a Thursday. ("Buyout")
  • Marie Schrader mentioned to Skyler that it's been "almost 3 months" since Marie and Hank took care of her children. This places the second half of the episode in late November or early December 2009. ("Gliding Over All")
  • After he was revealed to be Heisenberg by Hank, Walter said "in 6 months, you won't have someone to prosecute." Previously, Walter told Jesse that he's out of the drug business for a month, which implied the episode and third half of "Gliding Over All" were set in January or February 2010. However, it is further revealed that Walter, who is still alive due to chemotherapy, managed to celebrate his 52nd birthday in September, so going back by 6 months from that day would place it in March 2010. ("Blood Money")
    • This is further confirmed through a radio Jesse was listening to the day after Walter died, which mentions that his manhunt lasted for 6 months. ("El Camino")
  • Ed Galbraith mentioned it will take 2 days to completely extract Saul Goodman because of his recognizable appearance through his advertisements. ("Granite State")
  • After the identity of Heisenberg has been exposed to the public, it is said that the DEA raided Saul Goodman & Associates on March 20, 2010. ("American Greed: James McGill")
  • Saul mentioned the prison murders in "Gliding Over All" took place on October 4, 2009. ("Saul Gone")

Timeline Inconsistencies[]

  • In "Gliding Over All", an episode which takes place in 2009, Jack Welker states that "...whacking bin Laden wasn't this complicated;" Osama bin Laden wasn't killed until May 2011. Vince Gilligan has publicly acknowledged this mistake, however it could still be implied he was talking about previous attempts by the US to assassinate bin Laden, who had been on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list since 1999.
  • In Better Call Saul Insider Podcast 304 around 34:40, co-writer Peter Gould says that Gus' poisoning took place in 2007.
  • In "Más", when Skyler discovered the divorce files on Holly's cot, the birth date for Walter seems to be on September 7, 1959 instead of 1958.
    • Because of this error, it led a lot of fans to believe the series took place around 2009-2011, reporting everytime Walter's birthday was celebrated on-screen, at the time.
  • In "Ozymandias", a detective mentioned Holly White is 18 months old while reporting an Amber Alert on her. Since the episode is set in March 2010, going back by 18 months from here would place it on September 2008 which does not make sense as it is the same month Walter was celebrating his 50th birthday and Skyler was still pregnant with Holly at the time.
  • Some episodes manifested the real-life year and minor contents during a season's filming.
    • Most vehicles have visible expiration date on their license plates that display either 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013.
    • In "Shotgun", posters in the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant say they've been awarded for the best burrito of 2010, even though the episode is set in 2009.
    • In various episodes, Jesse is seen playing the video game, "Rage". However, this game was not released until 2011, one year after the timeline of "Breaking Bad" occurs.
    • In "Say My Name", Walter is watching an infomercial for the "Schticky." However, the Schticky wasn't advertised until 2012.
    • In "Blood Money", an Amazon order of a tracker is briefly seen in the evidence files with the date of when it was shipped: February 9, 2010. Despite the fact, the episode "Hermanos" took place in 2009, where it has Hank Schrader telling Walter White to put a tracker in Gus Fring's car upon driving to the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.