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This article is about the second volume of the Breaking Bad original score. For other uses, see Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad: Original Score From The Television Series, Vol. 2 features incidental music specially composed for the series scored by Dave Porter. The album featuring 20 tracks of compositions was released on September 27, 2013.

Track listing[]

# Title Length Episode Scene
1 Breaking Bad "Sunset" End Credits 1:41 "Sunset" End credits.
2 The Bike Lock 1:50 "Cat's in the Bag..." Jesse fetches the bike lock from his garage.
3 Follicles 1:25 "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Walt examines his thinning hair and prepares to shave his head.
4 308 Negra Arroyo Lane 1:23 "Full Measure" Walt & Skyler look around their future home & Walt sits at home feeding Holly.
5 Eyeball in the Drawer 1:43 "Box Cutter" Skyler snoops around Walt's apartment.
6 Salud 2:58 "Bug" Gus' crew is attacked at the farm.
"Salud" Gus returns outside and they leave the hacienda.
"Crawl Space" Gus is rushed into the makeshift hospital.
7 Building a Bomb 1:30 "End Times" Walt prepares the pipe bomb in his kitchen.
8 Dead Freight 9:02 "Dead Freight" The gang rob the train.
9 Radiator 2:20 "Buyout" Walt escapes from being tied to the radiator.
10 White House Visit 2:07 "Blood Money" Walt walks around his former home.
11 Almost Alaska 1:42 "Confessions" Jesse waits for the extractor.
12 Fumes 3:14 "Rabid Dog" Walt stalks his home.
13 Gas Can Rage 3:29 "Confessions" Jesse pours gas over Walt's lounge.
"Rabid Dog" Jesse pours gas over Walt's lounge and is confronted by Hank.
14 Circling the Square 4:14 "Rabid Dog" During the sting operation with Jesse.
15 To'hajiilee 3:56 "To'hajiilee" Walt races to Tohajiilee.
16 Hank's Last Stand 2:27 "To'hajiilee" During the stand-off between Hank, Gomez & Jack Welker's Gang.
17 Chained Dog 3:16 "Ozymandias" Jesse is taken from his pit to cook.
18 We're a Family 1:39 "Ozymandias" Walt leaves with Holly.
19 The Final Hat 2:14 "Granite State" Walt puts on his hat and heads towards his gate for the first time.
End credits
20 Dimple Pinch Neat 2:29 "Granite State" Gretchen and Elliott talk about Walt and the police raid the bar.