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This article is about the first volume of the Breaking Bad original score. For other uses, see Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad: Original Score From The Television Series, Vol. 1 features incidental music specially composed for the series scored by Dave Porter. The album featuring 20 tracks of compositions was released on August 24, 2012. The second volume was released on September 27, 2013 and featured 20 further tracks.

Track listing[]

# Title Length Episode Scene
1 Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended) [1] 1:15 Granite State Played as the police raid the bar, looking for Walt.
2 Matches In The Pool 2:09 Pilot Walt throws lit matches into his pool.
3 Smoking Jesse's Pot [2] 2:01 Not featured N/A
4 Gray Matter 3:10 ...and the Bag's in the River During the episode teaser and while Walt sits in his car on the highway bridge.
5 The Morning After 2:24 ...and the Bag's in the River Jesse returns to his house the morning after Walt has killed Krazy-8.
6 Three Days Out 3:03 Bit by a Dead Bee Walt and Jesse wander through the desert.
Breakage Walt and Jesse meet in the desert to cook.
4 Days Out Jesse finds Walt coughing up blood and as he tries to trickle charge the generator.
7 Vent 1:35 Down Walt retrieves his money from the vent in his home.
8 Baby's Coming 4:09 Mandala Walt retrieves the meth in Jesse's apartment.
Phoenix Walt delivers the meth and rushes to the hospital.
9 Jane's Demise 2:20 Phoenix Walt goes back to Jesse's apartment.
10 The Cousins 3:27 No Más During the episode teaser and when The Cousins change their clothes.
Caballo Sin Nombre The Cousins "talk" with Hector Salamanca.
I.F.T. The Cousins and Hector meet with Juan Bolsa at the farm.
Sunset An officer investigating a crime scene is killed by The Cousins.
One Minute The Cousins place the picture of Hank on the shrine.
11 Hank In Pursuit 3:50 Green Light Hank leaves the gas station and looks at the ATM.
Más Hank looks around in Combo's room.
One Minute Hank beats up Jesse.
12 The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg's Theme) [3] 3:15 Full Measure Walt walks over to meet Gus and at the start of the end credits.
Thirty-Eight Snub Walt approaches Gus' house and during the end credits.
Say My Name Walt, Jesse & Mike arrive to the meet in the teaser.
13 Searching For Jesse 2:23 Bullet Points Walt looks for Jesse at his home and during the end credits.
14 Aztek 2:40 Shotgun Walt drives from the superlab to Pollos Hermanos.
15 Four Corners / Waiting For The End 4:13 Cornered Skyler & Holly visit Four Corners.
End Times Skyler smokes a cigarette outside Hank and Marie's house.
16 Jesse In Mexico 3:53 Salud Jesse is taken to the cartel lab.
17 Crawl Space 3:34 Crawl Space Walt searches for money in the crawl space.
End Times Jesse accuses Walt of poisoning Brock and threatens to shoot him.
Face Off Walt retrieves some money from his home.
18 Parking Garage Standoff 3:25 End Times Gus and his men return to his car.
19 Cleaning House 1:46 Live Free or Die Walt cleans up the bomb making equipment & Lily of the Valley from his house.
20 Disassemble 3:26 Buyout During the teaser.


  1. A different version of the Main Title Theme appears in "Granite State" and was released on the second volume of the original score under the name "Dimple Pinch Neat".
  2. This track was originally composed for "Cat's in the Bag..." when Walt smokes a joint, but was ultimately replaced.
  3. A different version of Heisenberg's Theme appears in "Granite State" and was released on the second volume of the original score under the name "The Final Hat".