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The real important thing, and not everyone knows this, is to be tough! Boss has to be tough, has to say "no" to people, has to make cashiers wipe down cars even if they don't want to. Can you be tough, Walter? I'm sure you can handle, and if not... you can always call your wife, huh?
― Bogdan taunting Walter White[src]

Bogdan Wolynetz was the Romanian proprietor of the A1A Car Wash in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Walter White previously worked part-time.


Background information[]

Born in Romania, Bogdan moved to the United States at some point and invested in a car wash business. Bogdan consistently wound up understaffed, so Walter, although only hired to be a cashier, often found himself out scrubbing cars as well. Bogdan is Walter's non criminal nemesis.

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

1x01 Pilot

Bogdan at the car wash while Walt was employed ("Pilot")

Walt continues to work for Bogdan at the car wash until he suddenly collapses and is taken away from the ambulance, where he discovers that he is diagnosed with Lung Cancer. After his cancer diagnosis, however, Walt quits, making a huge scene and telling Bogdan to "Wipe down this!" while grabbing his crotch. ("Pilot")

Season 3[]

After learning of Walt's secret, Skyler White comes up with the idea of buying the car wash, as a means of laundering his money (rather than investing in a local laser tag as proposed by Saul Goodman). Walt reluctantly agrees. Bogdan is briefly seen outside talking to his employees when Saul explains to Walt about the fundamentals of investing a business for money laundering. ("Abiquiú")

Season 4[]

Skyler, seeking a legitimate business through which to launder the meth money, offers Bogdan $879,000 for the car wash. Bogdan counteroffers, setting a price of $20 million because of the way Walt behaved when he quit his job. He says that Walt should have gone to the car wash himself rather than to "send his woman like a coward." Offended, Skyler leaves. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

640px-4x03 - Open House 9

Bogdan with the "inspector" ("Open House").

Walter, Skyler and Saul brainstorm ways to convince Bogdan to sell. Saul insists on investing in other businesses including the laser tag, or other car washes, but Walt finally insists on buying this car wash after learning what Bogdan said about him. Saul's plan, in which a fake inspector finds a trumped-up, expensive pollution "problem" for the car wash, forces Bogdan to close the deal for Skyler's newly-negotiated price of $800,000. ("Open House")

After the car wash is signed over to Walt and Skyler, Bogdan lectures Walter to be a "tough" boss, and provokes Walt by saying that he made Walt scrub down cars to promote his image of being tough. As Bogdan leaves, he attempts to take his first-earned, framed dollar from the car wash's wall. Walt signals Bogdan to hand over the frame, because the deal was to sell the car wash "as is." In a "he who laughs last" scene, after Bogdan leaves, Walt breaks the frame and uses the dollar for a vending machine Coke. ("Cornered")


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