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Bobby Foster Rd. is a road located in Albuquerque. Several scenes in both series and El Camino have been shot on locations both on and directly adjacent to this road. Due to its proximity to Albuquerque Studios it has also been used in numerous other film and television productions, including Terminator Salvation, The Last Stand, Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado.

While the road itself exists in the fictional canon, not every scene filmed on Bobby Foster should be considered to be actually located on that stretch of road in the fictional universe.


Better Call Saul[]

The phone booth seen in the title sequences on Better Call Saul for every sixth episode in each season was filmed somewhere off Bobby Foster.

Season 3[]

After finding the note Gustavo Fring left to dissuade him from killing Hector Salamanca, Mike Ehrmantraut goes to a Junkyard near Bobby Foster. ("Mabel")

Kim Wexler's car crash was filmed on a stretch of the road.("Fall") Later, Francesca Liddy tells her that she used to drive that highway every weekend to visit her brother and his kids and she "saw an accident almost every single time," and also added that "people die on that road all the time." Kim herself claimed that she "crossed three lanes of traffic," when in reality the road only have one lane in each direction for the whole length. ("Lantern")

Kim returns to the site of the crash with Jimmy to recovery the case documents and files left behind. ("Lantern")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

Walt sits in his Pontiac Aztek parked on the I-25 overpass looking onto the highway, reflecting on his decision to kill Krazy-8. ("...and the Bag's in the River")

Walt and Tuco conduct their deals at a junkyard at one end of Bobby Foster road. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal") It is directly across the street from the one that Mike went to in Better Call Saul.

Season 2[]

After they escape from Tuco's captivity, Walt and Jesse hitchhike on a truck carrying migrants on the road. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")

Season 3[]

Walt closes his eyes while driving and starts accelerating, nearly getting to a collision with a semi driving back from a meeting with Gus. ("Kafkaesque")

Season 4[]

Gaff and several other cartel gunmen ambush a Los Pollos Hermanos truck that to send a warning to Gus. ("Cornered")

Several Cartel gunmen again ambush a Los Pollos Hermanos truck, which this time unbeknownst to them is carrying Mike. Mike kills them after they attempt to enter the back. ("Bullet Points")

Season 5[]

Mike and Jesse meet with Declan to discuss the sale of the methylamine, since Mike and Jesse are intending to leave the meth business. ("Buyout")

The meeting Mike sets up for Walt where he meets Declan for the first time and gives the famous "Say My Name" speech was filmed on a dirt path just off of a stretch of Bobby Foster. ("Say My Name") This same spot is seen shot during the "Crystal Blue Persuasion" montage in "Gliding Over All".

El Camino[]

After coming back from the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition they saw during the flashback scene in "Abiquiú", Jesse and Jane get out of the car and have a conversation about "going where the universe takes you." These is the last lines of dialogue in the entire film. ("El Camino")