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The Blue Sky Crew was a short lived meth distribution operation in Albuquerque, New Mexico led by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, serving as a predecessor to their main drug empire.

The other members and associates of the group were Jesse's friends and street dealers Skinny Pete, Brandon "Badger" Mayhew, Christian "Combo" Ortega, and Walter’s lawyer Saul Goodman.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]


Jesse pitching business proposal to Combo, Skinny Pete, and Badger

After Tuco Salamanca's death, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman decide to become their own distributors, using Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo as their dealers. They would cook the meth in their RV, and Jesse's friends would sell them to their associates on the streets. Whenever they needed to hide the RV, Badger's cousin Clovis would store it in his Tow Yard. Walt and Jesse would always have meetings with their dealers at a science museum.

After a successful day of selling, Skinny Pete gets tricked into getting robbed by two junkies. Spooge and his wife. Jesse shrugs it off, but Walt wants Jesse to recover the money.("Breakage") Jesse goes to the junkie's house and ends up witnessing Spooge get murdered by his wife, Jesse saves their son and retrieves the lost money. ("Peekaboo") The word gets out that Jesse was the one who killed Spooge with the ATM Machine, and Jesse developed a reputation as a cold blooded killer. ("Negro y Azul") Badger is tricked by an undercover cop, which leads Jesse and Walt to getting in contact with lawyer Saul Goodman. Saul, Jesse, and Walt work their magic and get Badger out on probation. ("Better Call Saul (episode)")

Things were looking up for the operation, as they were making good money, and they now had saul as their lawyer. However their luck soon changed after Combo was murdered by a young gangbanger while selling on rival dealer’s turf. It is also revealed that Spooge’s wife told the cops that she killed Spooge and Jesse is not feared anymore. With Badger on probation and Combo dead, Skinny Pete decides to stop selling due to it being too risky. Now with their street dealing network shut down, Walt forms a distribution deal with drug kingpin Gustavo Fring. ("Mandala")

Season 3[]

Shortly after this, Walt and Jesse started conducting their business through Gus by working as his meth cooks, and were receiving far higher profits with superior lab equipment and more safety. ("Más") However, Jesse became unsatisfied with the contract he had signed onto with Gus as the pay did not properly reflect the hours worked and methamphetamine produced. Jesse approached Skinny Pete and Badger and offered for them to start selling on the streets again. Pete was very keen but Badger was cautious due to Combo's death, however they both signed on and agreed to start manipulating the recovering meth addicts at the group therapy session Jesse was attending into relapsing. ("Kafkaesque")

Jesse initially left most of the work to Pete and Badger, but they were unable to sell much meth as they both felt guilty selling to former addicts. Jesse was unhappy with this and started becoming close with Andrea Cantillo. He was hoping to sell to her until he realised she had a small child she was taking care of, and so immediately stopped. ("Abiquiú")

Season 4[]

Jesse continued to sell small amounts of meth to the folks at the rehab program, but it is unknown if Skinny Pete or Badger continued. Warped with guilt after murdering Gale Boetticher, Jesse confessed his true reasons for attending the group to the leader, and never returned. This marked the end of the crew. ("Problem Dog")

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