Blingy is an Albuquerque based drug distributor/enforcer for the Salamanca family, which is a part of the Juárez Cartel.


Season 4

Blingy arrives at El Michoacáno with cash for the collection. Krazy-8 counts the money and finds that he has come up short. Krazy-8 initially allows him to leave, but Nacho, who has been overseeing the deal, summons Blingy over to his table. Nacho tears out his earrings and warns him that, "What you owe, you owe with interest." Blingy quickly leaves. ("Coushatta")

Season 5



Better Call Saul

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  • Blingey appeared in the first ever footage released of season 5, in a scene that eventually aired as part of "The Guy For This".
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