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There's proving, and then there's knowing.
Bill Oakley to Jimmy McGill about his scamming of the court.[src]

William "Bill" Oakley is a defense attorney for Albuquerque, New Mexico. He originally worked as a deputy district attorney for twelve years.


Better Call Saul[]


According to his website, Bill Oakley tried over a hundred criminal cases during his twelve years as a deputy district attorney, and was a key member of the General Crimes Unit. He was also instrumental in putting an end to a series of coffee shop robberies that occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Season 1[]

Jimmy continuously attempts to plead with Bill to let off his client. Bill responds with the phrase "petty with a prior" each time he asks. They eventually come to an agreement when Jimmy makes a deal to get a continued sentence for his client and in return, if the client stays clean, Bill can file him for dismissal in six months. ("Mijo")

Jimmy comes to Bill once again for a deal for his client. Bill declines all of Jimmy's offers, telling him that his client drove drunk into a shopping center and killed three civilians. Jimmy corrects him and tells him that he is thinking of the wrong client. His client was only charged with armed robbery at a liquor store. The two then make a deal to let the client off in ninety days with good behavior. ("Nacho")

Season 2[]

Bill meets Jimmy in the men's restroom and tells him that he has heard about Jimmy working at Davis & Main. Brimming with jealousy, he grills Jimmy about all the perks of working at the firm. ("Rebecca")

Season 3[]

While Jimmy is booked, photographed and fingerprinted, Bill shows up to gloat at his misfortune. "How the mighty have fallen" he laughs. He does, however, take pity and says he will see if he can push Jimmy's first appearance up. ("Sunk Costs")

Season 4[]

Bill prosecutes David Estrada, a youth accused of throwing a cinder block through a grocery store. Kim Wexler, serving as the youth's defense, demands the sentence be reduced to a few months probation, which Bill refuses to cooperate on. He is convinced to allow this when she threatens to reveal that the youth was not mirandized prior to his confession. ("Quite a Ride")

Season 5[]

Bill is being ambushed by Marshall Dixon's film crew, while walking through the Courthouse. Joey’s crew is posing as TV reporters who are confronting Bill over a case he didn’t hear anything about. Jimmy comes in posing as a false defendant’s attorney. He confronts a confused Bill, and makes a speech in front of the camera. The exhibit attracts more potential business. ("Magic Man")

Season 6[]

At the courthouse, Jimmy arranges an appointment with a client at his "satellite office" in the nail salon through his earphone. However, he finds that the staff at the courthouse, including the counsel administrator, are suddenly treating him with coldness. He comes across Bill and helps him force a packet of food out of the vending machine; Bill simply walks away upon being given the packet without even giving thanks. Angered, Jimmy follows him into the stairwell and confronts him about his treatment. Bill tells him that he liked him better when he was a bottom feeder and explains that Jimmy has become a pariah for scamming the court into releasing Lalo. Jimmy challenges Bill to present proof of the allegation, but Bill replies, "There's proving, and then there's knowing." ("Hit and Run")

Bill is at the courthouse ordering a cup of coffee from the machine when he is approached by Kim Wexler, presumably about an upcoming case between the two of them. ("Fun and Games")

After Breaking Bad[]

Bill appears in the documentary American Greed: James McGill, in which he comments on Jimmy's legal career and his relationship with Chuck. ("American Greed: James McGill")

Oakley bench ad

By November 2010, Bill has left the DA's office and gone into private practice. Francesca Liddy drives past a park bench reading "William Oakley & Associates" with his picture on it on her way to answer Saul's phone call. Francesca later tells Saul that Bill has switched sides and become a defense attorney. Saul initially misunderstands what Francesca is saying and thinks that Bill has come out as gay instead until Francesca corrects him. ("Breaking Bad")

After being arrested, Saul calls Bill for help as his new "advisory counsel." However, Bill tells Saul that no matter who his lawyer is, Saul is screwed and wonders how Saul sees it ending. Saul tells Bill that he sees it ending with him on top as always. Bill represents Saul throughout his plea negotiations and hearing, but after Saul starts confessing to his crimes and ignores Bill's various objections, Bill asks to be relieved as his co-counsel. However, the judge refuses to even consider it. When Jimmy, having reclaimed his original name, sits down, Bill tells him that his role in Chuck's suicide wasn't a crime, but Jimmy tells him that "yes it was." ("Saul Gone")


Better Call Saul[]

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