Big Chief Gas Station is a gas station about 35 miles outside Albuquerque.


Season 3

Jesse Pinkman filled up at the gas station and having found his pockets empty, charmed Cara and paid for his gas and cigarettes with a sixteenth of an ounce of meth. Cara had never tried meth before and didn't like it when she did try it. She then passed it on to her friend and former colleague, Matt Santos.

Later, Hank Schrader arrived at the gas station and pressed her for any details she could provide on Jesse ("Green Light").


Did anyone notice that the bottom of the ATM at the very start of this episode looked like blood splattered up on it from the bottom like when the Meth head "skank" from Season 2 episode 6 smashed her meth head husband Spooge under an ATM in a fit of rage?


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