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The title sequence of Better Call Saul is different for each episode of a season, but show the same clips from season to season, with decreasing video quality as the series progresses. There are ten title sequences, featuring various images from Jimmy McGill’s future life as Saul Goodman, all of it presented with the same terrible image quality of early VHS or public access television. Many of them feature archived footage seen in Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, and Curtis Thurber have given a very interesting interview on this subject to Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx.



Better Call Saul - Season 1 Opening Titles


  1. A close-up of the inflatable Statue of Liberty outside of Saul Goodman & Associates is shown.
  2. Saul's Cadillac is shown driving on a road, with close-ups on the "LWYRUP" vanity plate. ("Full Measure")
  3. A woman is seen smoking in a law office and using a Scales of Justice as an ashtray.
  4. The drawer of burner cell phones in Saul Goodman's office is shown, with a quick flash of the Hello Kitty cellphone he gives Jesse Pinkman. ("Rabid Dog")
  5. Saul Goodman's bus stop bench advertisement from the Breaking Bad episode "Better Call Saul" is shown.
  6. A Saul Goodman ad from a tattered phone book is shown hanging at a payphone.
  7. Saul's chi machine from "Sunset" and "Full Measure" is shown turned on.
  8. Three different shots of Saul's ties lying on the ground, all with Tarantulas crawling out of them. ("Confessions")
  9. A Saul Goodman matchbook floats inside of a flushing urinal.
  10. A "World Greatest Lawyer" mug falls from Saul's desk and breaks to the ground, spilling coffee.


  • The decreasing quality of the videos from season to season could be a representation of Jimmy in the post-Breaking Bad timeline, now living as Gene, rewatching his old commercial tapes over and over again. VHS tapes are known to lose their video quality overtime as they are used.
  • In the final episode of every season, the intro depicts Saul's "World's Greatest Lawyer" mug falling off a desk and shattering. The end of every season has had a revelation that broke Jimmy and reformed him more as Saul. The death of Marco, Chuck secretly recording Jimmy's confession, Chuck's Suicide, etc.