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This Better Call Saul Unreleased Score page features music composed by Dave Porter for Better Call Saul that has not been officially released, and versions of previously released tracks that have been altered for the airing of the episodes. Most of these tracks do not have official names, and include some sound effects and dialogue that are impossible to remove.

Season 1[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Rusty Nail 1:07 "Uno" Gene looks out his window with caution and begins to watch his old "Better Call Saul" commercials. [1]
2 Magic Hands 1:12 "Uno" Jimmy goes through his mail and notices a check from HHM, which he tears to pieces. [2]
3 Ass Over Tea Kettle 1:59 "Uno" Jimmy goes over the plan to extort money from Betsy to the Lindholm twins. [3]
4 Doorstep Gunpoint (I) 1:17 "Uno" Jimmy comes face to face with Tuco. [4]
5 Doorstep Gunpoint (II) 1:43 "Mijo" Jimmy nervously begins to explain his motives to Tuco. [5]
6 It Was the Lawyer 1:13 "Mijo" One of the twins outs Jimmy on his role for the scam. [6]
7 Wire Cutters 1:58 "Mijo" Tuco puts his wire cutters to Jimmy while he claims to be an FBI agent. [7]
8 One Leg Each 6:13 "Mijo" Jimmy negotiates with Tuco to lower the severity of the twins' punishment. [8]
9 Chuck's Theme (I) 1:45 "Mijo" Chuck throws Jimmy's phone out of his house. [9]
10 Nacho (I) 0:33 "Nacho" Nacho surveys the Kettlemans. [10]
11 Home Invasion 1:03 "Nacho" Jimmy arrives at the Kettlemans' where cop cars surround the area. [11]
12 Lawyer Chase Down 1:19 "Nacho" Two undercover cops chase after Jimmy. [12]
13 Billboard Stunt 2:34 "Hero" Jimmy orchestrates a billboard stunt to make himself look like a hero. [13]
14 Three Moves Ahead (I) 1:46 "Hero" Chuck goes outside and steals his neighbor's newspaper. [14]
15 No Warrant 0:58 "Alpine Shepherd Boy" Two officers bust into Chuck's house and taser him. [15]
16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity 1:30 "Alpine Shepherd Boy" Jimmy talks to an unresponsive Chuck at the hospital. [16]
17 Fresh Wound 1:18 "Five-O" Mike changes his bandage. [17]
18 The Notepad 0:58 "Five-O" Mike looks through the notepad. [18]
19 Spoliation of Evidence 1:15 "RICO" In the bathroom, Jimmy writes a "demand letter" on toilet paper, informing Sandpiper of pending litigation against them. [19]
20 Closing Time 1:08 "RICO" Jimmy returns to Sandpiper at night to search their dumpster for the shredded documents. [20]
21 Outside the House 0:35 "RICO" Chuck walks outside the house in no pain. [21]
22 Dead Battery 0:57 "Pimento" Jimmy opens his phone and sees that it's dead. [22]

Season 2[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Nacho (II) 0:49 "Switch" Nacho secretly peeks at Pryce's vehicle registration in the glove compartment. [23]
2 Nacho (III) 1:10 "Switch" Two cops show up at Pryce's home and find the place ransacked. [24]
3 Awake 0:48 "Cobbler" Chuck lies awake in bed. [25]
4 Pretend I'm Not Here 1:37 "Cobbler" Chuck arrives at a HHM conference meeting. [26]
5 False Alarm 1:24 "Amarillo" Mike pulls his gun out ready to shoot at the oncoming threat, but relaxes when he realizes it's only someone delivering newspapers. [27]
6 Deliberations 1:10 "Amarillo" At Davis & Main, Jimmy broods over whether to show his commercial to Cliff. [28]
7 Magic Hands (II) 1:52 "Amarillo" Jimmy waits for the phone lines to ring. [29]
8 Weary Mike (I) 1:57 "Gloves Off" Mike returns home after the fight with Tuco. [30]
9 Let Go 2:34 "Gloves Off" Mike traps Tuco. [31]
10 Weary Mike (II) 1:23 "Bali Ha'i" Mike cleans his gun. [32]
11 The Cousins (I) 1:11 "Bali Ha'i" The cousins stalk Mike and Kaylee. [33]
12 Inflatable 1:11 "Inflatable" Jimmy stares at a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. [34]
13 WM 1:19 "Inflatable" Kim rips the Wexler McGill card in half. [35]
14 Watching and Waiting (I) 0:57 "Fifi" Mike surveys Hector's henchmen. [36]
15 Reciprocating Saw 1:50 "Nailed" Mike captures the Regalo Helado truck driver and cuts through the tires to find money. [37]
16 Discomfort 1:54 "Nailed" Chuck refuses to accept that he used the wrong address. [38]
17 Radiation 0:49 "Nailed" Chuck argues with the copy store employee and collapses due to the radiation of the electricity. [39]
18 Concussed 1:13 "Klick" Jimmy rushes into the copy store to aid Chuck. [40]
19 Watching and Waiting (III) 1:41 "Klick" Mike watches as a van drives by. [41]
20 CT Scan 0:55 "Klick" Chuck suffers through a CT scan. [42]

Season 3[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Vanilla Icing 1:03 "Mabel" Gene collapses at work. [43]
2 Don't 1:51 "Mabel" Mike finds a note attached to his windshield and speeds off in his car. [44]
3 Bugged 2:17 "Mabel" Mike realizes that the bug is inside his gas cap. [45]
4 Beacon Tracker 2:42 "Mabel" Mike sets up the beacon tracker. [46]
5 Mike in Pursuit (I) 2:02 "Mabel" Mike tracks the men who bugged his car. [47]
6 Mike in Pursuit (II) 7:29 "Witness" Mike continues his pursuit and ends up at Los Pollos Hermanos. [48]
7 Mike in Pursuit (III) 2:31 "Witness" Mike comes across a phone in the road. [49]
8 Fuel Cap Phone 1:40 "Sunk Costs" Mike answers the phone. [50]
9 Drugged Sneakers 6:02 "Sunk Costs" Mike shoots at a pair of sneakers with drugs inside that falls onto one of Hector's trucks. Hector's men are arrested at the border. [51]
10 Surprise Visit 1:11 "Sabrosito" Hector and his men enter Los Pollos Hermanos and wait for Gus. [52]
11 Consider Working for Me (Mike and Gus' Theme) 1:36 "Sabrosito" Gus asks Mike to consider working for him. [53]
12 Discomfort (II) 1:43 "Chicanery" Chuck experiences major discomfort as Rebecca talks on the phone. [54]
13 Sewing 1:06 "Off Brand" Nacho injures himself on the sewing machine. [55]
14 Closing Argument 2:41 "Off Brand" Kim makes her closing argument. [56]
15 Building a Tolerance 1:01 "Off Brand" Chuck holds a battery in his hand. [57]
16 Six 2:00 "Off Brand" An argument ensues during the meet over the money. [58]
17 Downtown 2:33 "Off Brand" Chuck walks through the downtown area. [59]
18 Return from Shift 1:35 "Expenses" Jimmy cleans up in the parking lot after his shift. [60]
19 Scanning the Site 2:16 "Slip" Mike scans the desert and finds the body of one of Hector's drivers. [61]
20 The Pill Swap 2:19 "Slip" Nacho performs the pill swap. [62]
21 Unspendable 1:14 "Slip" Mike counts his floorboard money and goes to Los Pollos Hermanos. [63]
22 Everything Moves Through the Chilean 1:06 "Fall" Bolsa informs Hector that Don Eladio wants the transportation method of shipping to continue through Gus' distribution network. [64]
23 Bingo 2:16 "Fall" Irene wins at Jimmy's rigged game of bingo. [65]
24 Second Thoughts 0:37 "Lantern" Kim tells Francesca to cancel Gatwood's meeting and postpone her other appointments. [66]
25 Lights Off 1:03 "Lantern" Chuck turns off all of the lights. [67]
26 Chuck's Relapse 6:22 "Lantern" Chuck begins to tear down his walls to find the source of electricity. [68]
27 Strapped 2:15 "Lantern" Nacho stalks Hector and attempts to assassinate him. [69]
28 It Is Personal 2:08 "Lantern" Da boss can sock me. [70]

Season 4[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 Smoke 1:21 "Smoke" Jimmy arrives at Chuck's house. [71]
2 Restless 1:20 "Smoke" Mike becomes restless and makes a phone call to ask for Madrigal's address. [72]
3 Ditching the Evidence (I) 1:29 "Smoke" Nacho attempts to ditch the pills as Gus makes a phone call, but takes too long. [73]
4 Ditching the Evidence (II) 1:18 "Smoke" Victor watches as Nacho gets rid of the pills. [74]
5 You Will Wake (I) 1:15 "Breathe" Tyrus informs Gus on Hector's state. [75]
6 Hummel Figurine 0:57 "Breathe" Jimmy searches for a matching Bavarian boy figure to the one in Mr. Neff's office. [76]
7 You Are Mine 3:05 "Breathe" Nacho and Arturo demand a sixth bundle. Gus suffocates Arturo and tells Nacho that from now on, "you are mine." [77]
8 The Cousins (II) 2:45 "Something Beautiful" The cousins find Nacho dying on the ground at the staged shooting. [78]
9 Expansion 1:02 "Something Beautiful" Kim looks at the building models. [79]
10 Worse Than Dead 1:50 "Something Beautiful" Caldera takes Nacho to an undisclosed location to stitch him up. [80]
11 Bavarian Boy 2:55 "Something Beautiful" Jimmy and Ira pull of a heist to steal the Bavarian boy. [81]
12 Salamanca Shootout 3:57 Talk A gunfight erupts at the Espinosa compound. [82]
13 Quite a Ride 0:56 "Quite a Ride" In a flash-forward, Saul says goodbye to Francesca calls the Disappearer. [83]
14 Bikers 1:23 "Quite a Ride" Jimmy approaches a group of bikers to sell his drop phones. [84]
15 The Library 1:10 "Piñata" In a flashback, Jimmy walks into the HHM library. [85]
16 You Will Wake (II) 1:03 "Piñata" Gus tells Hector a childhood story of how captured a coati and drew out its suffering rather than kill it. [86]
17 Piñata 1:37 "Piñata" Jimmy traps the three teens who mugged him. [87]
18 You Will Wake (III) 0:33 "Something Stupid" After seeing a videotape of Hector's most recent session, Gus decides to delegate his treatment to someone else. [88]
19 A Better Way 0:49 "Something Stupid" Kim shops for art supplies. [89]
20 An Exit Strategy 1:15 "Coushatta" Nacho looks at the fake IDs he has for himself and his father. [90]
21 Rabbit Out of the Hat 0:52 "Coushatta" Kim looks at the Zafiro Anejo bottle cap. [91]
22 Wiedersehen 3:14 "Wiedersehen" Werner sets to explode a rock obstruction in his group's construction. [92]
23 Cameras 1:07 "Wiedersehen" Werner looks around at the security cameras. [93]
24 Manhunt (I) 2:27 "Wiedersehen" Mike sees that the security cameras have dead pixels on them. He goes to Werner's living quarters to find a note. [94]
25 Manhunt (II) 1:36 "Winner" Mike orders his men to look for Werner. [95]
26 Manhunt (III) 1:22 "Winner" Mike contacts his men and has a transcript of Werner's phone call read back to him. [96]
27 Lalo's Pursuit (I) 3:42 "Winner" Lalo follows Mike. [97]
28 Lalo's Pursuit (II) 1:16 "Winner" Lalo kills the worker at TravelWire and looks through the security footage. [98]
29 Lalo's Pursuit (III) 1:06 "Winner" Lalo calls Werner posing as one of Gus's men. [99]

Season 5[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 License Plate 2:16 "Magic Man" Gene switches out his license plate. [100]
2 I Did Everything 2:10 "50% Off" Nacho is kidnapped by Victor and Tyrus. [101]
3 Leap of Faith 2:29 "50% Off" Nacho goes back to retrieve the rest of the product before the police swarm the building. [102]
4 Lalo Will Know 1:21 "The Guy For This" Gus makes a decision to leave the money at the dead drops for the DEA to find. [103]
5 The Final Dead Drop 4:06 "Namaste" Hank and Gomez chase the fleeing suspect at the dead drop. [104]
6 Gangbangers 0:47 "Namaste" Mike is followed by a gang who tries to mug him. [105]
7 Dedicado a Max 1:57 "Dedicado a Max" Mike walks around the compound. [106]
8 Wires 1:47 "Dedicado a Max" Mike gathers electrical equipment to build a charger for his phone before the housekeeper gives him one. [107]
9 Another Choice (Mike and Gus' Theme) 1:47 "Dedicado a Max" Gus tells Mike that he wants to employ him as a soldier. [108]
10 Swept Up 2:52 "Wexler v. Goodman" Nacho informs Gus, Victor, and Mike of Lalo's activities. [109]
11 Do Not Disturb 1:12 "JMM" Gus prepares to meet with Peter. [110]
12 The Cousins (III) 2:40 "Bagman" The cousins bag Lalo's bail money. [111]
13 Amigo del Cartel 6:22 "Bagman" A group of mercenaries follow Jimmy and prepare to shoot him and steal Lalo's money before Mike saves him. [112]
14 Bagman 1:01 "Bagman" Jimmy and Mike walk through the desert. [113]
15 Grid Search 1:27 "Bagman" The surviving mercenary searches for Jimmy. [114]
16 The Target 3:09 "Bagman" Jimmy distracts the mercenary for Mike to snipe him. [115]
17 The Mug 0:57 "Bad Choice Road" Kim finds Jimmy's mug with a bullet hole in it. [116]
18 Six Miles 2:52 "Bad Choice Road" Lalo searches for Jimmy's car. [117]
19 Tell Me Again 7:00 "Bad Choice Road" Lalo asks Jimmy for the real story of what happened in the desert. [118]
20 What Happens Next 0:40 "Something Unforgivable" Jimmy calls Mike. [119]
21 Twenty Felonies 0:57 "Something Unforgivable" Kim accepts twenty pending felony cases pro bono. [120]
22 Tonight 0:54 "Something Unforgivable" Nacho gets a call informing him on the hit on Lalo. [121]
23 To Sleep 6:34 "Something Unforgivable" Nacho attempts to leave but finds Lalo by the gate. He causes a distraction in the kitchen and lets the assassins in. [122]
24 Lalo's Escape 4:06 "Something Unforgivable" Lalo escapes the assassins and goes back in to kill them all. [123]

Season 6[]

# Title Length Episode Scene Link
1 On the Run 0:42 "Wine and Roses" Nacho runs from Lalo's house. [124]
2 The Cousins (IV) 2:44 "Wine and Roses" The cousins arrive at Lalo's house. [125]
3 The Motel 1:40 "Wine and Roses" Nacho runs to the motel. [126]
4 Out of Sight 1:40 "Wine and Roses" Tyrus tells Nacho to stay out of sight for a few days. [127]
5 Marbles and Lemonade 0:42 "Wine and Roses" Mike ignores Nacho's phone call. [128]
6 Devil's Dandruff 3:26 "Wine and Roses" Jimmy and Kim pull a cocaine scheme on Howard. [129]
7 Be Nice 6:01 "Wine and Roses" Lalo calls Hector and tells him there's proof that Gus tried to kill him. [130]
8 The Safe 3:32 "Carrot and Stick" Mike and his men break into Nacho's safe and replaces it. [131]
9 Paranoia 2:37 "Carrot and Stick" Nacho looks outside his window. [132]
10 Strike Against One 0:45 "Carrot and Stick" Gus figures out that Lalo survived the attack. [133]
11 Motel Escape 5:45 "Carrot and Stick" Nacho notices he's being watched and escapes his room. [134]
12 Can't Stay Put 2:54 "Carrot and Stick" Nacho interrogates the man who was watching him. [135]
13 Motel Shootout 4:00 "Carrot and Stick" The cousins attack Nacho. [136]
14 Mike and Gus (III) 2:04 "Carrot and Stick" Mike refuses Gus's orders. [137]