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This article is about the montages of Better Call Saul. For the montages of Breaking Bad, see Breaking Bad Montages.

Better Call Saul has a multitude of montages, which are sequences of clips edited together with music in the background, usually used to pass time throughout the show.

Season 1[]

Episode Music Description
"Uno" "Address Unknown" by The Ink Spots Gene Takavic manages the Cottonwood Mall Cinnabon, paranoid that his past will come back to haunt him.
"Mijo" "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Juan Garcia Esquivel Jimmy McGill goes on a date, but suffers from breadstick-induced PTSD spurred by his encounter with Tuco Salamanca and Nacho Varga.
"Concerto in G for Strings 'Alla Rustica' 1. Presto" by Vivaldi Jimmy works fruitlessly as a public defender, frequently sparring with ADA Bill Oakley, and Parking Attendant Mike Ehrmantraut.
"Nacho" "Find Out What's Happening" by Bobby Bare Jimmy wanders into the wilderness in search of the faux-abducted Kettleman family.
"Alpine Shepherd Boy" "The Third Man (The Harry Lime Theme)" by Malcolm Lockyer Jimmy, in his new Matlock duds, charms the senior citizens of Casa Tranquila.
"Bingo" "Tune Down" by Chris Joss Mike surveils the Kettleman residence, tricking them into revealing the location of their embezzled money.
"Marco" "Banzai Pipeline" by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra Jimmy and Marco Pasternak engage in a week long binge of scams.

Season 2[]

Episode Music Description
"Switch" "Funny How Time Slips Away" by Billy Walker A depressed Gene works at Cinnabon, closes up for the night, and takes out the trash.
"Rebecca" "A Mi Manera / My Way" by Gypsy Kings Kim Wexler burns through contacts in search for a new client opportunity, finally landing Mesa Verde.
"Inflatable" "Scorpio" by Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band Jimmy becomes an insufferable co-worker so he can be fired from Davis & Main without cause, retaining his signing bonus.
"Fifi" "Why Don't You Do It" by Little Barrie Jimmy doctors Mesa Verde files, changing an address from 1261 to 1216, sabotaging his brother Chuck McGill, and retaining his girlfriend Kim's client.

Season 3[]

Episode Music Description
"Mabel" "Sugar Town" by Nancy Sinatra Gene works at Cinnabon, and goes on his lunch break.
"Can't Leave the Night" by BADBADNOTGOOD Mike meticulously disassembles his car, looking for a tracker placed by Gustavo Fring.
"Sunk Costs" "Hurry Sundown" by Little Richard Jimmy is arrested and booked for breaking into Chuck's home, and destroying his taped confession.
"Alfonso Muskedunder" by Todd Terje Kim runs through her morning routine.
N/A Mike attempts to hook cocaine filled shoes onto a power line.
"Slip" Score by Dave Porter Mike searches for the dead body of the Good Samaritan killed by Hector Salamanca as a consequence of his truck robbery.
"Cold Feet" by Fink Nacho prepares and practices for his pill swap.
"Fall" "Popcorn" by Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Jimmy besmirches the reputation of Irene Landry in an attempt to force a settlement in the Sandpiper Crossing suit.
"Lantern" "Walls" by Dave Porter A relapsing Chuck destroys his home in an effort to cut off all electrical current.

Season 4[]

Episode Music Description
"Smoke" "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, and Me)" by the Ink Spots Gene collapses at Cinnabon and is examined at a hospital.
"Dark Clouds Rain Soul (Dub)" by Breakestra Mike works as a security consultant at a Madrigal warehouse.
"Talk" "Grazin' in the Grass" by The Ventures A young Mike mixes and pours concrete for a driveway, while his son Matty Ehrmantraut watches.
"Quite a Ride" "Street Life" by The Crusaders Saul Goodman sells drop phones to shady customers by the Dog House.
"Something Stupid" "Something Stupid" by Lola Marsh Over eight months, Jimmy grows his drop phone business, and Kim balances work and pro-bono cases, while their connection fades.
"Big Rock Candy Mountain" by Burl Ives Werner leads his construction crew in building the super lab, while Mike and his guys monitor.
"Coushatta" "Burnin' Coal" by Les McCann Jimmy employs the other passengers on a bus to Louisiana in a phony letter-writing campaign in support of Huell Babineaux.
"Winner" N/A College hopefuls interview for the scholarship HHM established in Chuck's memory.

Season 5[]

Episode Music Description
"Magic Man" "Welcome to My World" by Jim Reeves A paranoid Gene resumes work at Cinnabon, and is confronted by Jeff and Buddy.
"The Sidewinder" by Lee Morgan Saul gives a lawyer sales pitch to customers while giving out free drop phones.
"50% Off" "This Is CHAI" by CHAI Sticky and Ron, encouraged by promised Jimmy's 50% off non-violent crimes legal services, engage in debauchery.
"The Guy For This" "Jänzigrat-Jüz" by Jodlerklub Bärgblüemli Schattdorf Ants envelop Jimmy's dropped ice cream cone from the previous episode.
"Namaste" "Laventille Road March" by Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Jimmy peruses a thrift shop, looking for the right items to vandalize Howard Hamlin's Jag.
"Diskhat 1" by Aphex Twin Jimmy throws bowling balls at Howard's jag in the middle of the night.
"Dedicado a Max" Score by Dave Porter Mike attempts to jury-rig a cellphone charger, before being undercut by Señora Cortazar.
"Blackbird Special" by Dirty Dozen Brass Band Jimmy and Everett Acker engage in a series of cons to prevent a construction crew from demolishing the latter's home.
"JMM" "Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)" by Yma Sumac Gus and Nacho vandalize and burn down a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.
"Bagman" "I Got The..." by Labi Siffre Jimmy and Mike journey through the desert.
"Bad Choice Road" "Something Stupid (Instrumental)" by Lola Marsh Kim waits for communication from Jimmy, while he and Mike trek out of the desert.

Season 6[]

Episode Music Description
"Wine and Roses" "The Days of Wine and Roses" by Andy Williams Saul's home is gutted by a repossession team.
"Carrot and Stick" Score by Dave Porter Mike searches Nacho's home, while Victor and Nick drill into and replace Nacho's safe.
"Rock and Hard Place" Score by Dave Porter Nacho hides in an oil tanker overnight to escape Marco and Leonel Salamanca.
"Hit and Run" "The Best Things in Life" by The Dreamliners A husband and wife, the Rymans, bike around a suburb, before returning to their home, which is revealed to double as a safehouse and surveillance station for Gus.
"Sneaking" by The Crooked Spoke A stressed Gus arrives home, and readies to switch over to his safehouse.
"Black and Blue" "In Stiler Nacht" by Pink Martini & The von Trapps A worker creates a Lucite block containing a slide rule, a gift from Casper and the build crew to their boss, Werner Ziegler.
Score by Dave Porter Lalo surveils Margarethe Ziegler's home overnight, so he can break in as she leaves for work.
"Axe and Grind" "Dreamer's Holiday" by Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters Howard goes about his morning routine, and brews his wife, Cheryl Hamlin, a peace-offering cappuccino.
"Fun and Games" "Perfect Day" by Dresage and Slow Shiver Saul and Kim go about their normal days as usual as to not arouse suspicion, while in their apartment, Mike and his guys destroy all evidence of Howard's murder by Lalo.
"Nippy" "Jim on the Move" by Lalo Schifrin Gene befriends Frank Danielsen and Nick Evans, while timing Frank's Cinnabon consumption time for his heist.
"Breaking Bad" "Tapioca Tundra (Acoustic)" by Mike Nesmith Gene engages in a series of sinister identity theft scams with the help of Jeff and Buddy, and reverts to other old habits.