This article is about the original score from Better Call Saul. For the television series, see Better Call Saul (TV series).
For the Breaking Bad episode, see Better Call Saul.


Better Call Saul: Original Score From The Television Series features incidental music specially composed for the series scored by Dave Porter. The album featuring twenty-one tracks of compositions was released on April 7, 2017.

Track listing

# Title Length Episode Scene
1 Shared Smoke 2:12 "Uno" Jimmy angrily kicks a trash can and shares a cigarette with Kim.
2 Ass Over Tea Kettle 2:20 "Uno" Jimmy goes over the plan to extort money from Betsy to the Lindholm twins.
3 One Leg Each 5:46 "Mijo" Jimmy negotiates with Tuco to lower the severity of the twins' punishment.
4 Sex Robot Voice 1:45 "Mijo" TBA
5 Payphone Dilemma 3:32 "Nacho" Jimmy attempts to call Nacho on a payphone, but is sent to voicemail.
6 Billboard Stunt 2:40 "Hero" Jimmy stages a billboard accident.
7 Chuck's Theme 1:43 "Alpine Shepherd Boy" TBA
8 Elevator Exchange 2:36 "Bingo" TBA
9 One Last Grift 1:44 "Marco" TBA
10 Jimmy's Choice 1:47 "Marco" TBA
11 Davis & Main 2:10 "Switch" TBA
12 Pretend I'm Not Here 2:08 "Cobbler" TBA
13 Deliberations 1:54 "Amarillo" TBA
14 Magic Hands 2:59 "Hero" TBA
"Amarillo" TBA
15 Weary Mike 3:38 "Gloves Off" TBA
"Bali Ha'i" TBA
16 Border Crossing 5:35 "Fifi" At the U.S.-Mexico border, Border Patrol agents comb through the Regalo Helado ice cream truck searching for any possible drugs.
17 Watching and Waiting 2:34 "Fifi" TBA
18 Reciprocating Saw 2:35 "Nailed" TBA
19 Three Moves Ahead 2:01 "Klick" TBA
20 M40 4:30 "Klick" TBA
21 Better Call Saul End Credits 4:06 All episodes End credits.


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