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BCS score vol3
This article is about the third volume of the Better Call Saul original score. For other uses, see Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul, Volume 3 (Original Score From The Television Series) features incidental music specially composed for the series scored by Dave Porter. The album was released on August 17, 2022 and features twenty-five tracks of compositions for season 6 of Better Call Saul.

Track listing[]

# Title Length Episode Scene
1 Devil's Dandruff 3:21 "Wine and Roses" Jimmy and Kim pull a cocaine scheme on Howard.
2 Lalo Needs Proof 5:54 "Wine and Roses" Lalo informs Hector he's alive after Gus's assassination, Hector asks for proof.
3 Safe In the Safe 3:50 "Carrot and Stick" Mike and his men break open Nacho's safe and replace it.
4 Mike vs Gus 2:30 "Carrot and Stick" Gus orders Tyrus to bring Nacho's father, Mike refuses.
5 Rock and Hard Place 5:55 "Rock and Hard Place" Gus and his men go to deliver Nacho to the Salamancas/Nacho confronts Hector and kills himself.
6 Take the Jag for a Spin 3:24 "Hit and Run" Jimmy steals Howard's car/Jimmy picks up Wendy.
7 Axe to Grind 4:23 "Axe and Grind" Lalo finds Casper.
8 Stargazing 1:51 "Axe and Grind" Mike keeps watch on his granddaughter from a house across the street while she stargazes.
9 Kim Takes a Turn 2:15 "Axe and Grind" Jimmy calls Kim to tell her the plan has gone sideways.
10 Lalo Underground 3:51 "Plan and Execution" Lalo watches the laundromat under a sewer system.
11 Dark Room Magic 1:51 "Plan and Execution" Jimmy delivers the photos to Howard's private investigator.
12 Flickering Candle 3:52 "Plan and Execution" Lalo murders Howard.
13 Point and Shoot 3:27 "Point and Shoot" Kim arrives at Gus's house.
14 Converging on the Laundry 5:04 "Point and Shoot" Kim tells Mike that Lalo is with Jimmy/Gus gets ambushed by Lalo.
15 Lament for Howard 1:36 "Point and Shoot" Howard and Lalo get buried together under the superlab.
16 Nippy 1:09 "Nippy" Gene walks Marion to her house.
17 Open for Business 2:03 "Nippy" Jeff looks through the department store after the heist.
18 Black and White Shirt 1:33 "Nippy" Gene enters the department store and looks at a flamboyant shirt.
19 The Crystal Ship Returns 1:21 "Breaking Bad" Saul is brought out to the desert in a flashback.
20 November 12 at 3pm 5:54 "Breaking Bad" Francesca makes her way to the phone booth.
21 Identity Lost 4:44 "Breaking Bad" Buddy takes pictures of the first victim's information.
22 Wound Up 3:02 "Waterworks" Gene hides from the scam victim in his house.
23 Last Dumpster Dive 5:08 "Saul Gone" Gene runs away from the police and hides in a dumpster.
24 Shared Sentence 3:00 "Saul Gone" Jimmy is visited by Kim in ADX Montrose.
25 Saul Done 1:26 "Saul Gone" Series end credits.