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This article is about the second volume of the Better Call Saul original score. For other uses, see Better Call Saul.
BCS score vol2

Better Call Saul, Volume 2 (Original Score From The Television Series) features incidental music specially composed for the series scored by Dave Porter. The album was released on May 14, 2022 and features nineteen tracks of compositions, covering seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Better Call Saul.

Track listing[]

# Title Length Episode Scene
1 Omaha 4.43 "Mabel", "Magic Man" Gene working at Cinnabon / Gene retrieves diamonds and memorizes a business card from a hidden shoebox, changes the license plates on his car, then drives around town with a police radio.
2 Gas Cap Parasite 5:02 "Mabel" Mike finds a tracking device.
3 Crossed Wires 2:31 "Off Brand" Chuck walks to a payphone.
4 The Long Follow 4:27 "Witness" Mike's follow leads him to Los Pollos Hermanos.
5 Trials and Tribulations 2:07 TBA TBA
6 The Big Winner 2:15 "Fall" Jimmy's rigged bingo game.
7 Walls 6:16 "Lantern" Chuck suffers a major relapse of his EHS condition
8 Fallen Lantern 2:19 "Smoke" Jimmy and Kim quickly drive to the fire-gutted ruins of Chuck's house
9 Alpine Shepherd Boy 2:17 "Something Beautiful" Jimmy and Ira's heist.
10 Wiedersehen 3:53 "Wiedersehen" Werner goes missing.
11 Gum Up The Works 2:33 "Winner" Lalo follows Mike.
12 Rooftop Mettle 2:25 "50% Off" Nacho retrieves the product before police swarm the building.
13 Life's Rich Pageant 1:54 "50% Off" Jimmy, now Saul Goodman, sweet talks and finesses his way through the courthouse
14 Bowling Sized Balls 1:51 "Namaste" Jimmy throws bowling balls at Howard's car (Unused Track/Replaced with "diskhat 1")
15 Mike In Mexico 2:43 "Dedicado a Max" Mike at Gus' safe house
16 Do Not Disturb 1:33 "JMM" Gus prepares for a meeting
17 Out of the Frying Pan 2:49 "JMM" Gus and Nacho destroys his restaurant (Unused Track/Replaced with "chuncho")
18 Nothing Gets Past Lalo 2:54 "Bad Choice Road", "Plan and Execution" Lalo's theme/Lalo finds Jimmy's car
19 Too Hot For Snakes 4:12 "Bagman" Jimmy and Mike vs. a driver in the desert