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Betsy Kettleman is the wife of Craig Kettleman and the mother of Warren and Jo Jo Kettleman. She has been helping her husband, who was a thieving treasurer, flee from his conviction at any cost for the sake of her family's financial health.


Better Call Saul

Season 1

Betsy and her husband, Craig, arrange a consultation with Jimmy McGill to discuss their case: Craig is the county treasurer and has been accused of embezzling $1.6 million. Just as they are about to hire Jimmy, Betsy stops her husband and hesitates, claiming Jimmy is "the type of lawyer guilty people hire."

In an attempt to convince the Kettlemans to hire him, Jimmy plots a scam targeting Betsy with brothers Lars and Cal Lindholm; however, the brothers mistake Betsy's car with that of Abuelita and target her instead, resulting in a violent altercation with her grandson, Tuco Salamanca. ("Uno")

After receiving an anonymous tip from Jimmy, Betsy and her family go into hiding for their safety. After an arduous search, Jimmy finally comes across them camping in the woods behind their home; Jimmy encourages them to return home, but Betsy, determined to save her husband from conviction, adamantly disagrees. Betsy wrestles with Jimmy over a large duffel bag and the contents spill, revealing a substantial quantity of money. ("Nacho") Betsy and Craig plead with Jimmy not to expose them, offering him a portion of the money as a bribe, which Jimmy initially refuses. Jimmy retorts with the option of them hiring him as their lawyer, which is refused in turn by them, who refer back to the cash bribe. ("Hero")

Betsy and Craig meet with Kim Wexler at HHM; Kim advises them not to take their case to trial as their chances of winning are very low. She urges them to take the plea deal she has negotiated on their behalf, which would reduce Craig's sentence from 30 years to only 16 months. Betsy declines the offer before firing Kim, persistently assuring that Craig is innocent and that he should not serve any jail time.

Betsy and Craig then return to Jimmy, again demanding that Craig does not serve any jail time; Jimmy politely refuses their offer, telling them that he has recently decided to specialize in elder law and that he no longer wishes to represent them. Jimmy calls Kim and discusses the case before urging the pair to return to HHM, assuring them that it is in their best interests to take the plea deal. Betsy and Craig remind Jimmy that he took their bribe and if they were to return the money, they would need to have all of it present; realizing this, Jimmy reluctantly takes their case.

Jimmy has Mike Ehrmantraut break into Betsy and Craig's house to collect the stolen money. Once they have it in their possession, Jimmy returns the funds he took from the bribe and asks Mike to take the money to the district attorney's office. The following day, Jimmy informs Betsy and Craig about where the money is heading and again encourages them to take Kim's deal. Betsy initially refuses to go through with it, but Craig persuades her that their family should come first and that they should take Jimmy's advice. Jimmy escorts the couple to HHM, where the deal is finally made. ("Bingo")

Personality and traits

Betsy has shown herself to be an incredibly stubborn and self-righteous woman who refuses to admit to her husband's embezzlement and insists on fighting for his innocence despite the fact that failure in the courts is unavoidable. Her determination and greed makes her go to extreme lengths to avoid facing the consequences of her own crimes such as attempting to bribe Jimmy in order to keep his mouth shut or to ignore the well-being of her own children. Even after Kim Wexler is able to give the Kettlemans the best court deal they can get, which will spare Craig 30 years in prison, Betsy remains stubborn and refuses to take the deal and blackmails Jimmy into helping her and her husband. Even after their money is stolen by Mike she still threatens Jimmy and refuses to give up but is finally defeated when Jimmy reveals that she will be found guilty as well if she tells of the bribe she gave Jimmy and when Craig makes her realize that the deal is for the good of their children.


Better Call Saul

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  • The character of Betsy Kettleman was named after actress Betsy Brandt, who played Marie Schrader in Breaking Bad.[1]
  • There is a short film called "No Picnic" where at least one year has passed since Craig began his incarceration and now he's doing community service. Betsy and her children have a picnic to cheer him up, but given that they sing the song "Bingo was his Name-o" Craig isn't very ecstatic about it.