Best Quality Vacuum is Ed's legitimate place of business and where the clients for his other business wait before being given new identities. As seen in El Camino, it both sells and repairs vacuums.


Breaking Bad

Season 5

After being picked up by Ed, Saul Goodman is transported to Best Quality Vacuum to wait under the store for his pickup with Walter White. Saul is amused that Ed's cover as a vacuum repairman is really what he does when he's not taking people to new lives. The two men remain in the basement until their pickups to new lives are ready. ("Granite State")

El Camino

The day after escaping from the White Supremacist Compound, Jesse Pinkman seeks out Ed's services for a new life in Alaska. Using a page from Skinny Pete and Badger's phone book, Jesse searches all of the vacuum repair shops in Albuquerque for the right one. After spotting Ed's van from Jesse's previous aborted pickup ("Confessions") parked behind the store, he realizes that he is in the right place.

After waiting for a lone customer to finish, Jesse turns the store's sign to Closed and locks the door for privacy while he deals with Ed. After Jesse can't produce the $250,000 Ed requires, Ed orders him to leave and tries to reopen the store. When Jesse refuses, Ed calls the cops, claiming there is a young man inside threatening him. The police arrive in just a couple of minutes, forcing Jesse to flee out the back. After misdirecting the police, Ed reopens Best Quality Vacuum and gets a call from Jesse on the business' phone making sure that if he comes up with the rest of the money, Ed will keep up his end of the deal. ("El Camino")

Better Call Saul

Season 5

After being made by a cab driver named Jeff, Saul Goodman calls Ed at Best Quality Vacuum for another extraction. However, Saul ultimately changes his mind in favor of fixing it himself. ("Magic Man")


  • Best Quality Vacuum is currently the only setting to appear in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino.
  • The telephone number shown on the front of the  Best Quality Vacuum store is (505) 842-4205.
  • The location used was a real vacuum repair store named "On The Spot" located at 2714 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87017.
    • As of 2019 it appears to have become Casa Furniture Mattress Plus

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