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Walt: "This... This is a vacuum cleaner repair company!"
Saul: "What'd you expect, Haji's Quick-Vanish? I don't even know the guy's name."
Walter White and Saul Goodman[src]

Best Quality Vacuum is Ed Galbraith's legitimate place of business and where the clients (mostly criminals) for his extraction business stay before being given new identities. As seen in El Camino, it both sells and repairs vacuum cleaners.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

When Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler look through Caldera's little black book of criminal contacts, they find a business card for Best Quality Vacuum, revealing that Caldera has connections to Ed. A confused Kim takes a brief interest in Ed's card before putting it back. ("Axe and Grind")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

After being collected by Ed, Saul Goodman is transported to Best Quality Vacuum. Ed takes a photograph of Saul in front of a blue screen for use in his new identification documents, which Ed explains he will need to doctor to conceal Saul's facial injuries. Ed informs Saul that he will be accompanied by Walter White during his stay; inquiring about how Walt has been coping, Ed points Saul to a monitor displaying CCTV footage of Walt pacing back and forth in the accommodation.

In the bunker, Walt requests Saul to write him a list of hitmen so that Walt can arrange an assassination of Jack Welker's Gang. Saul denies knowing any hitmen and advises that Walt turns himself in to the authorities, claiming it is the best option if he truly wishes to help his family. Walt refuses, adamant to recover his fortune and financially support his family. With Saul ready to go, Ed beckons him but is interrupted by Walt, who states that Saul will be going with him; Ed leaves the two men to figure it out for themselves. Saul insistently refuses to go with Walt, reminding him that he is no longer a lawyer but is now a mere civilian. Walt attempts to coerce Saul into coming with him but suffers a coughing fit; Saul somberly tells Walt that "it's over" before leaving the room. ("Granite State")

After Breaking Bad[]

The day after escaping from the White Supremacist Compound, Jesse Pinkman seeks out Ed's services for a new life in Alaska. Using a page from Skinny Pete and Badger's phone book, Jesse searches all of the vacuum repair shops in Albuquerque for the right one. After spotting Ed's van from Jesse's previous aborted pickup ("Confessions") parked behind the store, he realizes that he is in the right place.

After waiting for a lone customer to finish, Jesse turns the store's sign to Closed and locks the door for privacy while he deals with Ed. When Jesse can't produce the $250,000 Ed requires, Ed orders him to leave and tries to reopen the store. When Jesse refuses, Ed calls the cops, claiming that there is a young man inside threatening him. The police arrive in just a couple of minutes, forcing Jesse to flee out the back. After misdirecting the police, Ed reopens Best Quality Vacuum and gets a call from Jesse on the business' phone making sure that if he comes up with the rest of the money, Ed will keep up his end of the deal. ("El Camino")

After being made by a cab driver named Jeff, Saul (now going by the name "Gene Takavic") calls Ed for another extraction. However, Saul changes his mind in favor of fixing it himself. ("Magic Man")

After being exposed by Jeff's mother Marion, Saul pulls out his Best Quality Vacuum business card and tries to remember the correct phrase, but he is caught before he can call for another extraction.

In a flashback, Walt works on fixing the store's broken hot water heater while discussing regrets with Saul as they wait to be taken to their new lives. ("Saul Gone")


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  • Best Quality Vacuum is the only setting to appear in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino.
  • The telephone number shown on the front of the  Best Quality Vacuum store is (505) 842-4205.
  • The location used was a real vacuum repair store named "On The Spot" located at 2714 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87017.
    • As of 2019, it appears to have become Casa Furniture Mattress Plus.
  • In a deleted scene for "El Camino", Ed discovers Jesse parked outside of the store the morning after the events at Kandy Welding Co. After checking that Jesse has the needed money, Ed invites Jesse inside to begin preparing his new identity and has him hide Badger's car.
  • On the business card that Saul gives to Walt in "Crawl Space" and that Saul and Kim Wexler find amongst Caldera's little black book in "Axe and Grind", the store is identified as "Best Quality Vaccuum Repair." However, both the sign and dialogue identify it as just Best Quality Vaccuum.
  • In the script for "Magic Man", Best Quality Vacuum is named as "Blue Bonnet Garment" and Ed Galbraith is "Al" instead.