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The Bernalillo County Courthouse is where many legal debates take place.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy is seen trying to defend three young clients who are accused of sexually assaulting a severed head. After the case, Jimmy goes to the contract council administrator to collect his money. He is paid $700, even though he argues that he should get $2100 ($700 per client). ("Uno")

Jimmy argues with the prosecutor so that his clients can get reduced sentences. The prosecutor continuously responds, "petty with a prior." ("Mijo")

Jimmy meets with Nacho after he is accused of kidnapping the Kettleman's. Jimmy is warned by Nacho that if he is not released by the end of the day, Jimmy will face harsh punishments from Tuco Salamanca and his crew. ("Nacho")

Mike meets with a couple of investigators who have a new lead on the Matt Ehrmantraut homicide case. ("Five-O")

Season 4[]

Kim observes Judge Munsinger as she tries to regain her passion for the law. ("Talk")