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Benny: "Gotta say, when you first brought her in, I had my doubts. But your little darling's got nine lives. Rear-wheel assembly took the burnt of the impact. So... uh, yeah. CV shaft, boots, joints, axle... replaced all of it. No way around it. I went aftermarket on most of the parts here. You want me to spawn in factory parts, that's fine. But using aftermarket's the only way we'll keep it under Blue Book and on the insurance company's dime, okay? Nothing beats free. Uh, swapped out your air filter, topped off your fluids. Didn't have to replace the windshield this time."
Walter Jr.: "I know, right?"
Benny: "Oh, and I noticed you had some sort of gunky buildup in the front end here. First, I had no idea what I was looking at. Then I remember you had me replace that front fender a few months back when you ran over that deer. We went at it with the steam hose, cleaned it up for you. Hardest part was the paint; fern green. Interesting tint."
Walter: "Anything else?"
Benny: "That's it. Zero balance, like I said. Sign here, you're good to go."
―Benny talking to Walt about his car restoration.[src]

Benny was the mechanic who had repaired Walter's Pontiac Aztek several times.


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Season 5[]

Aztek 504

Walt signing his payment to his Pontiac Aztek restoration.

Benny talks to Walt about the restoration regarding his Pontiac Aztek and concludes it with "zero balance" this time. Despite people saying they do not like the model, Benny actually adores Walt's vehicle and describes it to be "sturdy as hell." He bets Walt to drive another 200,000 miles from the vehicle.

When Walt grew tired of the vehicle, he sold it to Benny for $50 and bought himself the Chrysler 300. ("Fifty-One")


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