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What kind of amateur have you brought us? This is ridiculous. I'm not letting some infant who can't even synthesize phenylacetic acid teach me my business.
― Benicio Fuentes talking to Gustavo Fring[src]

Benicio Fuentes is the main cook of the Cartel.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

Jesse Pinkman was brought to Mexico in order to teach Benicio and the lab's guards how to cook Blue Sky meth with a purity of about 96 percent, but Don Eladio Vuente decided that Jesse was to stay and replace Benicio instead. Benicio, with his college degrees and expertise, was offended that someone like Jesse could be better than him. Later at Don Eladio's hacienda, after Gus Fring introduced Jesse to the Don, Benicio chimes in that Jesse is no chemist, to which Eladio sarcastically replies that he doesn't care if Jesse was a pig farmer, and reminded him that he made better meth than Benicio ever did.

Benicio was killed alongside the rest of the Cartel's leadership after drinking the poisoned tequila gifted to Don Eladio by Gus. ("Salud") The cartel’s knowledge of how to replicate Walter White's Blue Sky formula presumably died with him.


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