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Beneke Fabricators was a company run by Ted Beneke which had been previously run by his father before him. Skyler White had once worked for the company as their bookkeeper, when Ted's father was running the company. At the time, she had complained about fumes in the workplace, and it is implied that Ted on one occasion sexually harassed her.

The company was audited by the IRS for fraudulent financial records and has shut down as a result.


Beneke Fabrications headquarters in Albuquerque ("Over")

When Gretchen Schwartz calls Skyler to reveal that she will no longer pay for Walter White's medical bills ("Peekaboo") and their marriage hits turbulence, Skyler rejoins Beneke as bookkeeper once again. She eventually discovers that the business was not reporting income so as to avoid paying taxes, which Ted claims has been caused by the economy and his father's casual practices. She reluctantly agrees to look the other way so long as Ted makes a better effort to hide his fraud.

After discovering that Skyler had an affair with her boss, Walt stormed into Beneke Fabricators and made a scene as he attempted to break into Ted's office by throwing a large potted plant at Ted's door. The receptionist, Margaret, called security, and Walt was thrown out of the building. The incident stirred a lot of gossip in the workplace that hurt Skyler's reputation among her coworkers. Skyler later quit the job at Beneke after breaking up with Ted.

Eventually the IRS caught up with Ted and conducted an audit on the business. Skyler, fearing not only for Ted but also for herself as the company's bookkeeper, acts like a clueless bimbo to the auditor to make it seem like the income discrepancy is due to ignorance as opposed to criminal fraud. Her trick saves Ted from prison assuming he pays $600,000 in back taxes. Ted receives that amount from Saul Goodman -- supposedly the estate from a "great aunt Birgit" in Luxembourg -- and starts working on re-opening Beneke Fabricators, which had been closed during the audit. Skyler reveals that the money was actually from her and that he should instead use it to pay his debts.

The taxes were paid (enforced by Saul's henchmen Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby), but Ted broke his neck after slipping on a rug. He is currently hospitalized, so the company's business is still in suspension. Its future is yet to be determined.


  • The business name "Fabricators" foreshadowed Ted's fabrication of company financial records.
  • In the Better Call Saul episode "Smoke", a job opening for Beneke's company can be seen in the newspaper that Jimmy is searching for jobs in.


  • The exterior shots of Beneke Fabricators were filmed at 2241 Phoenix Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.
  • This place is down the street from a APS bus yard on Phoenix Ave NE. The name of the estab. is Gonzalez Mech.