Benedict Munsinger is a judge at the courthouse.


Season 4

After seeing Kim Wexler lurking in his courtroom, he calls her into his office, where she informs him that she's no longer an attorney for HHM but a solo practitioner and working for Mesa Verde. The judge mentions a case which turns out to be the plot line for "The Verdict" (1982) and explains that "once in a lifetime" cases exist "only in the movies" and that she's not the first lawyer to try to rediscover her love of the law by "trolling" his courtroom. He tells her to stick with her lucrative job in the world of corporate law, and get back to work. ("Talk")

He later appears as the judge in the Huell Babineaux case. After getting dozens of letters sent to him from Coushatta, Louisiana in support of Huell, in reality arranged by Jimmy McGill, he demands to know if ADA Suzanne Ericsen is prosecuting Santa Claus and orders Ericsen and Kim to sort things out rather than turn his courtroom into a circus. ("Coushatta")


Better Call Saul

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