Barry Hedberg was the warehouse floor supervisor for Madrigal Intermodal, Las Cruces, NM.


Better Call Saul

After helping his son fix the chain on his bicycle, Barry gets into his car to head for work. However, he finds that his car won't start and that his ID card is missing, unaware that Mike Ehrmantraut has disabled his car and used his ID card to infiltrate the Madrigal warehouse. Barry gets a temporary pass and is doing an inventory check in the warehouse when Mike drives up to him on a golf cart and returns the ID card.("Smoke")

Breaking Bad

It is unknown if Barry faced any criminal charges related to his alleged involvement with Gus' Drug Empire. Another Madrigal warehouse employee, Ron Forenall at the Madrigal Electromotive, Houston, TX branch was arrested after his name was linked to an off-share bank account wiring list.

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