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Yeah, but I'm just saying, Mr. White, two points? Look, if I don't pass chemistry, I have to go to summer school. And, I mean, I really studied. Like, really, really studied. Like, all night, hard. And, I mean, I'm so into chemistry for, like, the concepts. I just think I might have, you know, the attention deficit... couldn't you please just let this slide?
― Barry to Walter White[src]

Barry was one of Walter White's students at J. P. Wynne High School.


Season 2[]

Barry talked with Walt after class about his failing test scores. He made excuses and tried to get Walt to let it slide and pass him or else he would have to go to summer school. "Don't bullshit a bullshitter" was Walt's response. He later failed the retest by an even greater margin ("Negro y Azul").

Season 3[]

Following the Wayfarer 515 crash in a school assembly, Barry spoke about how he felt about the incident. He attempted to exploit the disaster by unsubtly trying to convince the school to give students preferential grades, claiming that many colleges give roommates of people who commit suicide an "automatic A". The principal took away the mic to prevent him from going on with this. ("No Más").


"I just find it, you know, really, really hard to concentrate. Because of all the horrors, you know, we perceived. It just really gets inside your brain and... in college, they have this thing where if your roommate kills himself... like, if you come home and find him hanging in the closet or whatever... it's basically an automatic A for you. And I just think that that kind of compassion is... is something to..."

Barry is an underachieving student whose ineptitude for putting sound effort into his academics is made apparent. He attempts to seize opportunities to attain preferable grades in both of his appearances in the show, paying no mind to how he's already been perceived as undeserving of any leniency and being insensitive, respectively.


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