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It's a bad carpenter that blames his hammer, yo.
― Brandon Mayhew to Skinny Pete[src]

Brandon Mayhew, commonly referred to as Badger, is one of Jesse Pinkman's longtime friends and a low-level meth distributor.


Background information[]

Brandon went to participate in a documentary about young criminals living with prisoners for 3 weeks due to the obligation of their parents. In there, he met a cellmate who was very good at breaking and entering. Brandon used his partner's lockpicks, who kept his picks in his butt. ("The Break-In")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

Brandon, as a condition of his probation stipulating that he find and maintain employment, is working as a walking billboard, wearing a full-body dollar bill costume for a realty company. When he runs into Jesse Pinkman, the two teamed up briefly to cook meth by using the money from Brandon's job to buy pseudophedrine. However, Jesse disposed of inferior batches several times, angering Brandon. This escalated to a scuffle which resulted in Jesse kicking Brandon out of his RV. Brandon shoots a crossbow bolt at the RV after the two scuffle over a batch of meth and Jesse drives off, leaving him stranded in the desert. ("Gray Matter")

Season 2[]

Brandon and Jesse have apparently reconciled, as Brandon helped clear the meth lab from Jesse's basement and asked his cousin, Clovis, to hide Jesse's RV. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")

Brandon later enlisted with Combo and Skinny Pete to deal "Heisenberg" and Jesse's meth but was eventually arrested. After striking a deal with the DEA with help from Saul Goodman, Brandon fled New Mexico to lay low in Fresno, California. ("Better Call Saul")

Season 3[]

Jesse recruited Brandon and Skinny Pete to sell drugs to recovering addicts at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Their conscience got the better of them and instead Brandon seemed to be taking the program just to catch up to Skinny Pete, who was on Step 5 to Brandon's Step 2. ("Abiquiú")

Season 4[]

Jesse invited Brandon and Skinny Pete to his home to party. Brandon resumed using meth and parties for three days straight before calling it quits. Jesse insists they stay, but Brandon explains that he has a cat and it hasn't eaten for days. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

Season 5[]

Brandon and Skinny Pete purchased storage equipment from a musical supply store for Jesse and Walt's mobile meth lab. ("Hazard Pay")

Brandon and Skinny Pete helped Walt trick Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz into believing he had hired hitmen to track them by using laser pointers as fake sights, making sure they give his fortune to Walt Jr.. The two reveal blue sky is still being distributed, having believed it to be Walt himself. Walt realizes it's Jesse and Brandon and Skinny Pete are annoyed that he's no longer hooking them up with free meth. ("Felina")

Post-Breaking Bad[]

Jesse makes his way to Badger and Skinny Pete's who don't recognize him at first in his haggard appearance. The two help Jesse hide Todd Alquist's El Camino and offer Jesse a safe place to clean up and recover. The next day, Skinny Pete and Brandon watch a news report on Walter White's massacre of Jack Welker's Gang and nearly fall victim to Jesse, caught in a post-traumatic flashback.

With the police looking for him as a person of interest, Jesse begins planning his escape and enlists Old Joe to get rid of the El Camino. However, the authorities activate its LoJack, making Joe take off without the car. In response, Skinny Pete orders Badger to take his Ford Thunderbird close to the Mexican border, the opposite direction of where Jesse is going and abandon it while Skinny Pete takes the El Camino and Jesse takes Badger's 1986 Pontiac Fiero. Skinny Pete points out that no self-respecting outlaw would be caught dead in Badger's car, making it the perfect getaway vehicle for Jesse. Though he complains about driving the Thunderbird, Badger agrees and departs after a final goodbye to Jesse, helping to buy Jesse the time he needs to escape to Alaska. ("El Camino")

On November 12, 2010, Francesca Liddy tells Saul Goodman that Jesse's car was found by the authorities where Badger had planted it at the Mexican border "so, adios dopehead," meaning that Skinny Pete's plan worked in the end and the authorities now believe that Jesse has fled to Mexico. ("Breaking Bad")

Personality and traits[]

It is apparent that Brandon has a liking, and strong interest, for science fiction television programs and movies. After Patrick Kuby bugged Brandon's mom's house looking for Jesse, Kuby stated that "All he talked about for five hours was something called Babylon 5." Brandon also created a Star-Trek script that he recited to Skinny Pete at Jesse's House. He also quoted Star Wars often.

Brandon also enjoys playing survival horror video games, such as Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead.

He is good with lockpicks. ("The Break-In")


"Are you out of your mind? I totally would've smoked that!"
―Brandon to Jesse after throwing his meth out the RV.[src]

Jesse: "What's the point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities?"
Brandon: "Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the Death Star."
Skinny Pete: "True that. Two of them bitches."
―Jesse, Brandon Mayhew, and Skinny Pete talking about Star Wars[src]

Skinny Pete: "What do you think all those sparkles and shit are? Transporters are breaking you apart right down to your molecules and bones. They're makin' a copy. That dude who comes out on the other side? He's not you. He's a color Xerox."
Brandon Mayhew: "So you're telling me every time Kirk went into the transport he was killing himself? So over the whole series, there was, like, 147 Kirks?"
Skinny Pete: "At least. Dude, no, why do you think McCoy never liked to beam nowhere? 'Cause he's a doctor, bitch! Look it up, it's science yo!"
―Skinny Pete and Badger talking about Star Trek.[src]

"You couldn't drive Miss Daisy."
―Brandon Mayhew to Skinny Pete[src]


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  • Brandon was the lead singer of his, Jesse's & Paul's now defunct band, TwaüghtHammër.
  • Brandon is one of three characters (along with Steven Gomez and Skinny Pete) to appear in all five seasons, despite not being main cast members.
    • He and Skinny Pete are the only two supporting cast members to appear in and survive all five seasons.
  • Brandon drives a 1986 Pontiac Fiero.