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Arno's is a bar in Cicero, Illinois. It was the regular meeting place of Slippin' Jimmy and his friend Marco, and the venue where the two would most frequently perform their scams.



Arno's was often used by Jimmy and Marco to earn money by performing a range of scams on the bar's customers. Together, the pair would take turns playing different roles in their cons, scamming their targets out of hundreds of dollars at a time; with this money, they would purchase luxuries such as cannabis and alcohol.

In 1992, Marco was performing one of his routine confidence tricks on two young men when Jimmy entered the bar. Surprised to see Jimmy out of jail following his Chicago Sunroof stunt, Marco offered him a beer but was interrupted as Jimmy revealed that he was flying to Albuquerque with his brother, Chuck. After Marco failed to persuade Jimmy to stay, the pair bid each other farewell and Jimmy left. ("Marco")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

For the first time in years, Jimmy returns to Cicero and makes his way to Arno's. He finds Marco passed out at the bar and wakes him up, to Marco's complete surprise. The two sit at a booth and catch up, telling each other about their current lives and reminiscing about the past. Not before long, the pair return to their devious ways and begin a scam, conning a businessman out of $110 for a fake coin. Thrilled by the experience, the two begin a week-long scamming spree. ("Marco")


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