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This article is about the unnamed dealer who sells bullet-proof vests to Leonel and Marco Salamanca. For the dealer who sells weapons to Walter White, see Lawson.

I'm running a special on these little honeys. JHPs. Hollow-point bullets, known by the natives as Black Death. Check it out. You like that? So sweet, you wanna lick it. Nickel-plated brass casing, Lubalox coat for panache. Sucker has six razor claws that expand upon impact: shred your mama's head like a cabbage.
― The Arms Dealer to Leonel and Marco Salamanca[src]

The Arms Dealer is a trucker and arms dealer, who sold body armor to the Cousins.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

The Arms Dealer meets with Leonel and Marco Salamanca in the a remote and empty parking lot where he reveals the armaments and supplies in his trailer. He tries to sell them hollow-point pistol rounds — nicknamed "Black Death" — giving Marco one as a sample. However, they only want ballistic vests, so he presents two.

Marco asks if the vests work and he responds by showing them that he is actually wearing one. In response, Leonel shoots him to see if it works, and sure enough, the bullet doesn't go through, but the force breaks one of his ribs. They decide to purchase it, while the man thanks them for their purchase while reeling from the pain of the shot. ("One Minute")

He has a hefty supply and wares of weapons and numerous other types of equipment. His stocked equipment included jacketed hollow-point cartridges with nickel-plated brass casings and Lubalox coatings, and ballistic vests, while firearms included an M4A1 carbine, Intratec TEC-9, Ingram M-10, and other weapons.


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  • The Arms Dealer drives a 'Kenworth K-100 Aerodyne' truck.
  • The description of the "Black Death" bullets sold by the Arms Dealer is very similar to the real "Black Talon" rounds sold by Winchester.
  • The hollow point round that the arms dealer gave to Marco Salamanca was used by Hank to kill him after the former inadvertently dropped it.