Arizona is a US state that borders New Mexico to the east, Utah to the north, Nevada to the north and west, California to the west, and the Mexican state of Sonora to the south. Phoenix is the capital and largest city.

The controversy surrounding transposed numbers of the address of a Mesa Verde Bank and Trust branch was of a location in Scottsdale, Arizona. ("Fifi")

Jesse wears an Arizona State Sun Devils shirt. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal")

Skyler White suggests sending Walter White Jr. to boarding school in Arizona or elsewhere in response to the increasing danger that Walt and his family face. ("Fifty-One")

Declan's gang is based out of Phoenix. It is to their main base in the city that Lydia Rodarte-Quayle presumably pays a visit to, which leads to gang's extermination at the hands of Jack Welker's Gang.("Buried") While on the way back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, they stop to eat a diner somewhere along Route 66 still in Arizona.("Confessions")

Todd Alquist takes Jesse Pinkman out to somewhere in Arizona's Painted Desert to bury the body of Sonia, the housemaid he killed after she accidentally discovers his hidden money. ("El Camino")

Arizona appears as part of the Four Corners monument in "Cornered".

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