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Antonio was a client of Saul Goodman's.


Season 3[]

Antonio and a woman were in Saul's office discussing a fake injury Antonio had suffered during the Wayfarer 515 crash. Neither Antonio or the woman were actually injured, but were merely in the debris path. Antonio wore a neck brace to simulate injury, but said that it was too tight and hard to breathe. Saul took of the brace, and reminded Antonio that he was a "victim of a terrible accident." before putting on a looser brace. At that moment, Mike Ehrmantraut walked in, and Saul escorted Antonio and the woman out of his office, saying to the woman in Spanish about their cashier's check transaction. He then shouted after them that he was building a class action suit for Wayfarer, saying that he'd take victims' families, along with anyone who suffered "emotionally".


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