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Anna Gunn is an American actress who plays Skyler White on Breaking Bad.


Born in Sante Fe, New Mexico in 1968, Anna Gunn fell in love with acting in Preparatory School before her family moved to Ohio in the late 1970's. She studied theatre at Northwestern University and spent a semester at the British American Drama Academy.

Anna was employed in the theatre in the Chicago area for a few years before trying her hand at TV and film roles. In 1992 Anna landed her first big role as Arden in 29 episodes of Down the Shore. She continued to appear as a guest star in a handful of TV shows and films including Seinfeld and NYPD Blue until the late 90's when she was cast in a recurring role as Jean Ward in The Practice. In the mid 2000's she was cast in Deadwood as Martha Bullock for two full seasons. In 2008 she was cast as Skyler in Breaking Bad.

Outside of TV she can be seen in the films Enemy of the State, Lone Souls, and Red State.

She married Scottish actor Alastair Duncan in 1990 and they divorced in 2009. They have two daughters together: Eila Rose and Emma born in 2001 and 2006 respectively.


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  • Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are the only two of the main cast to appear in "Fly", although the rest of the main cast are credited. A recording of Skyler singing a lullaby is hear in the beginning of the episode, although it was simply reused from "Phoenix".



Audition Tape - Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn's audition