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Alan was a Navy man. He was well out of the service when I lost him. (...) The group has heard my story over and over. (...) Well Alan loved to hike. We even opened a camping-supply store. I helped him with the mail-order side of it. And then, uh, this was eight years ago he went hiking in Gila National and never came back. They found our car, but they never found him. And I don't know if he slipped and fell, or had a heart attack, or met someone who didn't like the way he looked— I don't know. And even after all these years, not knowing how he passed, or where he is— I wish it didn't matter. But it does.
― Anita on loss, and lack of closure.[src]

Anita is a woman that attends the support group at the church.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]

Anita is first seen at a support group meeting when Stacey Ehrmantraut talks about how she and her daughter cope with her husband's death. ("Off Brand")

While Mike Ehrmantraut is working on the church project he reluctantly accepts help from Anita and some friend from the support group. She seems to have strong connection with him and he shows her how to use a broom to add texture to the walkway. ("Expenses")

Season 4[]

Anita became skeptical when Mike says Henrys' stories are false. She tries to get Mike to stop when he calls Henry out in front of the whole group session. ("Talk")


Better Call Saul[]

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