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Nobody can say I don't take care of my son. You gonna come in my house and judge me? Like you got no responsibility, so it's okay for you to get high. (...) What do you know about me? I take care of my baby. I'll do anything for him. The day Brock was born, I swore I won't let what happened to Tomás happen to my son. I'll die first.
― Andrea to Jesse after he insults her parenting for wanting to get high.[src]

Andrea Cantillo is the mother of Brock Cantillo and sister of Tomás Cantillo. She is a recovering addict who entered into a relationship with Jesse Pinkman.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

Jesse Pinkman met Andrea in a Narcotics Anonymous while he was trying to push the blue meth he stole from Gus's superlab. Andrea was the single mother of a six-year-old boy, Brock. She also had a 11-year-old brother Tomás, though the two were estranged. Andrea later revealed unknowingly to Jesse that Tomás killed Combo ("Abiquiú"). A couple of days later, after a series of events involving the Rival Dealers, Tomás was found shot dead. ("Half Measures")

Season 4[]

After finding out about Tomás' death, she received a handful of cash in her mailbox from Jesse, who wanted her to use the money to move to a better neighborhood instead of buying drugs ("Thirty-Eight Snub"). She did and found a modest home for herself and Brock in a nice neighborhood. ("Hermanos")

She was again seen, with Brock, at Jesse's House shortly after Jesse returned from Mexico. Walter interrupted their evening together to plead for his life. ("Crawl Space") Later, Andrea took Brock to the hospital after he suddenly becomes ill from some unknown cause. Jesse warned her that it might be ricin poisoning, however tests revealed he was actually poisoned by the berries from a plant called Lily of the Valley ("End Times",  "Face Off").

Season 5[]

Jesse, Andrea, and Brock were happy in their relationship until Walt made Jesse think about the time in the future, when Jesse would have to confess to Andrea his involvement in the meth trade. In response, Jesse broke things off with Andrea ("Hazard Pay").

While Jesse worked with Hank to bring justice to Walt, Walt visited Andrea. He told her that he and Jesse got into an argument and Jesse could not be found. He also mentioned that Jesse had been using drugs again. In order to help Walt out, Andrea left Jesse a voicemail, telling him to call her back later. During this visit, Walt also tried to make conversation with Brock, who answered his questions in a curt manner. ("To'hajiilee")

Andrea and Brock photo

The photo of Andrea and Brock Cantillo in the meth lab at Jack Welker's Compound.

After Jesse tried to escape from Jack Welker and his gang, Andrea was killed by Todd Alquist as punishment to Jesse for attempting to escape and refusing to cook for him. ("Granite State")

Andrea's death is avenged by Jesse, who strangles Todd to death and breaks his neck using his handcuff chains after Walt massacres Jack's gang. ("Felina")

El Camino[]

In flashbacks to Jesse's time in captivity, he remains haunted by Andrea's recent murder. While Jesse is being tormented by Kenny, Todd, and Neil, a picture of Andrea and Brock can be seen in the background. ("El Camino")


Breaking Bad[]

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  • Andrea is the last character in Breaking Bad to die that was not a part of "the game", and also the last character in the show to die before the series finale.