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Andrea's second House was the second home of Andrea Cantillo and her son Brock.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

After being encouraged by Jesse to relocate to a better neighborhood, Andrea begins renting her second home. Jesse asks Saul Goodman to deliver weekly payments to Andrea to support her and Brock, but is soon convinced by Saul that he should be personally visiting the pair. ("Hermanos")

Season 5[]

Following Jesse's failed attempt to burn down the White Residence, and his subsequent disappearance, Walter devises a plan to lure Jesse to him by visiting Andrea in her home. Walt fabricates a story that he and Jesse had an argument and, following this, he vanished. Walt confesses that he suspects Jesse may be partaking in substance abuse again and asks for her help in locating him. Andrea calls him but Jesse, being kept under Hank's supervision in his home, does not answer; Andrea leaves a voice message which is received and ignored by Hank. ("To'hajiilee")

As a punishment for Jesse's escape attempt from Jack Welker's Compound, Jesse is bound and gagged by Jack's gang and is subsequently driven to Andrea's home; Jesse is forced to watch in horror as Todd Alquist lures Andrea outside before shooting her in the back of the head. As a stark warning to never again disobey the gang, Jack reminds a traumatized Jesse that Brock is still alive, implying that they will take his life too should Jesse try to escape again. ("Granite State")


Murders committed in (or around) Andrea's second house[]


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