Andrea's first House was the home of the Cantillo family including Andrea and his son Brock.


Breaking Bad

Jesse starts the conversation with Andrea to prove to Badger and Skinny Pete how it's easy to sell drugs to recovering addicts. Jesse makes out with Andrea at her house. He hypes the blue meth, but the arrival of Andrea's five-year-old son, Brock, and Andrea's grandmother interrupts the pitch.

Later, and after Jesse and Andrea have sex together, Andrea expresses interest in the blue meth that Jesse offered her. Both argue about taking drugs while having family responsibilities. The two then discuss Andrea's struggle to spare Brock the same fate of her brother Tomás, who became involved with a gang as a child and killed a rival dealer as part of an initiation rite. Jesse realizes then that Tomás is the murderer of his friend Combo. ("Abiquiú")

Jesse and Andrea Cantillo are post-coital and enjoying each other's company in bed when the phone rings. Andrea becomes hysterical as she listens to her grandmother's news. They rush to an abandoned playground, where Tomás's bike lies on the ground, and his dead, bullet-riddled body lies nearby. ("Half Measures")

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