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Well, you see, I'm a man of many talents, and you... are a man of very few! Haha, kidding! Ha! Kidding! Maybe...
― Alfred on how he was able to fool his new friend, Jimmy.[src]

Alfred Hawthorne Hill is a wealthy resident of Omaha, Nebraska.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Alfred is targeted by Jimmy McGill (under the Gene Takavic alias) for an extended period, who determines him to be suitably wealthy and isolated, lacking close family or friends, making him the perfect mark.

Alfred talking to "Viktor"

Alfred talking to "Viktor".

Jimmy, adopting the persona of Viktor, sets about ingratiating himself to Alfred during a night of drinking. Unbeknownst to Alfred, Jimmy suctions up his own alcohol through a hidden hose, maintaining sobriety. Alfred delights in humiliating Jimmy with a series of cons and parlor tricks, including balancing lemon wedges on his nose, trick coins, toothpick puzzles, forcing him to sing karaoke "with gusto," a dollar slapping game, and even burning his hand to secure the first cab.

A waiting Jeff picks up Alfred, drugging him with barbiturates delivered via a bottle of water. As Jeff drives Alfred home he receives a radio message from Buddy requesting his location, in which Jeff gives Alfred's address of 17 Delmar Place. Buddy and his dog Zeke are transmitting from a pickup truck nearby to impersonate a dispatcher and have Jeff head to the airport after Alfred's drop off.

Feigning concern for his inebriated fare, Jeff surreptitiously places a piece of tape on Alfred's front door, preventing it from locking. In his stupor, Alfred makes his way to the couch where he falls into a deep sleep.

Buddy and Zeke are walking along the street when they arrive at Alfred's home, then entering it. Once inside Buddy then feels around Alfred's pockets and retrieves a wallet with Alfred's driver's license, numerous credit cards and medical insurance cards. Buddy takes pictures and then returns the wallet to Alfred's pocket. Buddy then searches through the house looking through drawers to reproduce tax returns, and bank statements, among other financial documents. Buddy rips out a blank check from the back of Alfred's check book and he find an index card underneath a desk blotter that has usernames and passwords for Alfred's accounts.

Buddy and Zeke quietly leave and almost forget to remove the duct tape that was holding the door from being locked.

This information is then sold to a third party vendor. ("Breaking Bad")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Alfred is played by Devin Ratray, the same actor who played Buzz McCallister, one of Kevin's older brother and bully sibling in Home Alone.