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The Acker Residence is the home of Everett Acker and the only remaining house in its former neighborhood.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

Acker’s house is the only one left in its land lot, since he refuses to sell it to Mesa Verde, who plan to build a call center there. When Kim Wexler meets Acker outside the house, she pragmatically outlines the situation, stating that he only took out a lease on the land, but didn’t buy it. She also tries to empathize with his point of view. She tells him that Mesa Verde raised the sum for buying him out, but Acker refuses the new offer, dismissing Kim’s overtures as a calculated move by Mesa Verde and stating that no one will make him abandon his property. Kim angrily takes the offer off the table and tells him to stick to the law like his former neighbors, who sold their homes. ("The Guy For This")

Jimmy lets himself onto the property and greets Acker at the front door, using a picture of a man and his horse to represent himself and Mesa Verde in an effort to persuade Acker to have him act as Acker’s lawyer. ("Namaste")

When a demolition crew is preparing to bulldoze the house, Jimmy, acting in his capacity as Everett’s attorney, approaches and persuades a sheriff’s deputy that the address on the eviction order is wrong, which forces the demolition to be delayed by a day. Jimmy later claims that pottery he had smashed earlier indicates that the house sits on a Native American archeological site, which causes another delay. Jimmy continues with a series of delaying tactics, including raising questions about unclear state laws, staging a radioactive contamination of open land around the house, and faking a picture of Jesus on the fence. ("Dedicado a Max")


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