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"Abuelita" (Spanish for grandma) is the mother of Hector Salamanca, as well as the grandmother of Tuco, Lalo, Marco and Leonel Salamanca and the great-grandmother of Joaquin Salamanca. She is one of the few members of the Salamanca family to not be affiliated with the Cartel.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Abuelita is driving her car home when she accidentally runs over Cal as his twin brother, Lars Lindholm, is filming him performing skate maneuvers on the street; unbeknown to her, this is actually part of a scam meant to target one of Jimmy McGill's intended clients, Betsy Kettleman. Frightened by the situation, she drives off from the scene and the twins follow her home. As she parks the car in front of the garage, the twins threaten her, accusing her of breaking Cal's leg and that they want her to do something about the situation. Abuelita clearly doesn't speak too much English, she invites the twins inside her home so they can find a solution ("Uno").

As they get inside the house, they are received by Abuelita's grandson, Tuco. She tries to explain to Tuco the situation, but the twins continue to threaten to call the police and that they need money; Lars even calls Abuelita a "biznatch", which infuriates Tuco. He then calms down his grandmother and convinces her to go to her room and watch her soap opera as he deals with the twins. Later on, after hearing strange noises, Abuelita leaves her room and spots Tuco cleaning blood from the carpet, which he convinces her that it's only salsa that he spilled and she goes back to watching her soap opera ("Mijo").

Season 5[]

After being taken to Lalo at his garage, Jimmy asks about how Abuelita is doing, but Lalo doesn't answer and immediately moves onto the main topic of the conversation, implying that Abuelita may have passed away by then. ("The Guy For This")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • In the episode "Crawl Space", Gus states that the Salamanca name will die with Hector, possibly implying Abuelita and Hector’s other relatives are dead, though it’s also possible that Gus was really referring to the fact that Hector was the last Salamanca to be in the Cartel, and it will now die with him, as the only other family he had left were not part of the cartel.
  • Abuelita drives a 1993 Ford Taurus.