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A-Z Fine Upholstery is Manuel Varga's automobile upholstery shop in Albuquerque.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Mike tracks Nacho down to his father's upholstery shop. He informs Nacho that he knows about his visit to Daniel Wormald's house and threatens to reveal Nacho’s dealings with Daniel to Tuco. Seeing that he’s shaken Nacho’s confidence, Mike proposes an alternate plan that will leave both Nacho and Daniel satisfied. ("Cobbler")

Season 3[]

After beating Krazy-8 at the instigation of Hector, Nacho feels pangs of guilt and injures himself at a sewing machine while working at the A-Z Fine Upholstery. ("Off Brand")

Nacho goes to his father's store to make fake pills and practices slipping the pills discreetly into Hector's coat pocket. By the time morning comes, Nacho seems to have it down perfectly. When his father shows up, Nacho claims he came to work early to check on invoices. ("Slip")

Nacho gives Hector a tour of Manuel's upholstery shop and explains how it will be used for Salamanca's drug business. Hector approaches Manuel and offers him several hundred dollars, but Manuel tells him to get out of the shop. ("Lantern")

Season 5[]

Nacho has a proxy try to purchase the store with his money to force his father to retire. He refuses and confronts Nacho over it. ("The Guy For This")

Season 6[]


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