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The 2010 Cadillac DTS is presumably Benicio Fuentes's car which was stolen by Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut & Gustavo Fring to escape Don Eladio's Hacienda.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

The car is first seen parked in front of the Cartel's meth lab.

After Gus poisoned Don Eladio and his capos, Jesse and Mike both catch and prop up Gus, suffering from poisoning, and proceed through the house. In the driveway, Jesse finds the Cadillac with keys in it, and Mike eases Gus inside. Seconds later, Mike is shot in the stomach. Jesse jumps into the driver's seat and floors it out of the compound. ("Salud")

Frantically honking its horn, Jesse drives at full speed Gus and Mike to the rendezvous point where a medical team is waiting. ("Crawl Space")

Season 5[]

After learning of Gus' fate, Mike furiously drives the Cadillac to go kill Walter. As they meet up somewhere in the desert, Mike immediately pulls a gun on Walt, determined to shoot him. Jesse Pinkman shields Walt, begging Mike to listen, stating he'll need to kill him too. After discussing the whereabouts of the footage from the lab's security camera and their common need to destroy it, Mike asks Walt for the keys of the car they arrived with and drives off with them, leaving the Cadillac behind. ("Live Free or Die")

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