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This article is about the 2009 Challenger bought for Walter White Jr. in "Cornered". For the 2012 Challenger bought for Walter White Jr. in "Fifty-One", see 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8.

The 2009 Dodge Challenger is Walt Jr.'s first car and the first of two Dodge Challenger that Walter purchased for his son.


Breaking Bad[]

On a whim, Walter White buys Walter White Jr. a 2009 Dodge Challenger. His son was overjoyed, but Skyler White forced Walt to take it back. ("Cornered")


Walt looks at the explosion of the Challenger ("Problem Dog")

Instead of taking it back, Walt drives the car to an empty parking lot where he performs various reckless tire-skidding maneuvers such as doughnuts and fishtails. Amidst his amusement in the joyride, he carelessly drives the car into a ditch. Initially Walt is distraught, however he soon decides to simply dispose of the car by shoving the dealership documents into the gas tank and lighting them on fire. This fire travels to the gas tank, and the car explodes violently. Walt seats himself a distance away from the car and calls for a cab as he watches the car explode ("Problem Dog").

While eating at Los Pollos Hermanos, Walt Jr. lists off the features and performance figures of the Challenger to Hank and says he only had it for 15 hours, to which Hank says he would've given his left testicle when he was Walt Jr.'s age just to drive such a car for 15 minutes. When Hank asks how he convinced Walt to buy the car, Walt Jr. says they were looking at used cars only for Hank to teasingly assume he guilted Walt, to which Walt Jr. replies with "maybe". Hank then lectures Walt Jr. that he "flew too close to the sun" and should've stuck to a used car that he would've kept instead of now having to rely on Skyler's car. ("Problem Dog")


  • The 2009 Dodge Challenger also appears in AMC's The Walking Dead. It too was dismantled. Like Walter Jr., Glenn enjoyed driving it.
  • In the episode "Problem Dog", Skyler tells Walter to talk to the Dodge dealership's General Manager named Glenn. It is very likely this Glenn is a reference to Glenn from AMC's The Walking Dead.
  • When Walt Jr. mentions the Dodge Challenger's engine and performance figures, those do not match the trim level shown. While the V8 engine and 400 horsepower would be correct for an R/T variant, Walt Jr. had an SE variant that has a V6 engine with 300 horsepower.

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