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This article is about Jimmy's car in Better Call Saul. For Victor's car in Breaking Bad, see 2004 Ford Taurus (Victor's car).

Jimmy: "I rented us a car. It's-- It's the Ford."
Kim: "So Saul Goodman drives a brown Ford Taurus?"
Jimmy: "Detroit calls that taupe, I believe."
Jimmy and Kim about their new rented car.[src]

The 2004 Ford Taurus is the car that Jimmy McGill rents after the destruction of his Suzuki Esteem.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Jimmy drives the Taurus to meet Kim at the El Camino Dining Room. ("Wine and Roses")

Jimmy drives the Taurus to Sweet Liberty Tax Services for both of his meetings with the Kettlemans. ("Carrot and Stick")

Having made a duplicate key for Howard Hamlin's 1998 Jaguar XJ8, Huell Babineaux gives the key to Jimmy and questions his motive for the scam against Howard. ("Rock and Hard Place")

When Jimmy is contacted by numerous potential clients during a lunch break, he drives to Day Spa and Nail to meet them. ("Hit and Run")

Jimmy drives to a boxing club to meet with a prospective client named "H. O. Ward", then returns to Kim's apartment ("Black and Blue")

When Jimmy sees Rand Casimiro at a wine store with an arm cast, he goes back to his car to call Kim about the situation on their scam against Howard Hamlin. ("Axe and Grind")

Jimmy drives to the supermarket Lenny works at and persuades him to walk off his job of collecting shopping carts to reshoot the fake photos. ("Plan and Execution")

Lalo Salamanca hides in the car outside the laundry, spying on Tyrus and his men and waiting for them to leave for Kim's apartment. ("Point and Shoot")

Jimmy drives to HHM for Howard's memorial. ("Fun and Games")

Sometime after the events of "Fun and Games", Jimmy obtains his white 1997 Cadillac DeVille.

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