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And yet, she still drives a Bentley.
Skyler White to Walter White[src]

The 2004 Bentley Continental GT is Gretchen Schwartz's car.


Season 2[]

Skyler invites Gretchen over to thank her and Elliott for paying for Walter's treatment. Later, when Walter comes home, he is suprised to see a Bentley parked on his driveway. ("Peekaboo")

Season 5[]

As Walter is exposed as Heisenberg, he comes back to Albuquerque to threaten Gretchen and Elliott to give his money to Walt Jr. on his 18th birthday. He waited outside of their new house, when they carried their food out of the Bentley. ("Felina")


  • The licence plate is an abbreviation of "Gray Matter", the company owned by Gretchen and Elliott.

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